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A camera with manual aperture and shutter speed settings allow for greater creative flexibility in your Photography, as you can photograph in various light settings and create aperture and shutter settings typically not set by an automatic camera.

Digital camera images also have less latitude and are more likely to lose detail if you don�t have the correct exposure setting. [Latitude is how forgiving the camera is before your exposure shows imperfections, like washed out areas].

(For example, darker areas will �drop-out� easier and lighter areas will appear washed-out.)

Manual exposure settings to consider include aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation. [Aperture is the device in the lens that allows more or less light. Shutter speed is a measurement of how long the shutter is open when a picture is taken.

Exposure compensation allows you to manually adjust the automatic setting up or down.]

(For example, you are taking a photo of someone in front of a light window and the person becomes a silhouette. You �compensate� by manually letting in more light, which will reduce the silhouette effect.)

Over-riding the automatic pre-set camera settings is sometimes necessary just to be able get a picture at all.

(For example, photographs taken of ballroom dancers at night in a hall lit by flourescant lights with a compact digital camera set to 'Automatic' will always be blurred and have a color cast, but by going to Manual exposure with light-type adjustment and setting the exposure speed higher to avoid blur results in a dark photo that becomes reasonable after lightening it in a noise-reduction program on you computer.)

How important manual settings are depends on how 'serious' you are about using, and learning to control your camera. If you just want to point and shoot you don't need extra controls, just the usual automatic settings. If you're interested in photography as a hobby and want to take more control of your pictures, then manual controls are really useful. (I'm not saying you can't take great pictures with auto cameras, just that you will have more options with manual options.)

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Q: How important is it for your digital camera to have manual exposure settings?
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There are settings under the menu that you go to and they have a time setting function for the camera.

What does EV mean on a digital camera?

it means "Exposure Value".

What would exposure compensation on a digital camera be used for?

ammount of light?

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Why would a digital camera image go to internal memory instead of memory card?

this can be remedied in the settings of the camera

While shooting with your Digital camera. the most reliable judge of exposure is?

Your histogram.

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Metering in photography is measuring the amount of light. Digital cameras have light meters built in to the camera, allowing the camera to automatically set the exposure.

What does the program mode do on your digital camera?

It is bassically a kind of Auto mode but with some kind of flexibility and control over the settings. Here in this mode you can set certain settings like the colour mode, flash settings, exposure, ISO, etc. But the aperture settings and the shutter speed will be automatically taken by the camera. That's it. It's easier for amateurs to use the P (Program) mode than the M (Manual) mode to click with a little manual settings.

How much better are slr digital cameras than the conventional digital camera?

SLR digital cameras are professional grade cameras which have settings which may be manipulated to produce outstanding photos that otherwise could not be achieved with a regular digital camera

What effect does the shutter have on an image?

The shutter in the camera is responsible for letting light expose a sensor in a digital camera or film in a traditional camera. The size of the opening of the shutter and the time that it remains open to expose the media, determines the exposure of the image. The shutter has two settings: F-stop (how large/small the opening and Shutter speed (how long it stays open). These two settings are inversely related. As F-Stop increases, the speed decreases to get the same relevant exposure. and vice versa.

Why use lower image quality techniques for digital camera?

If you are referring to camera settings, then to save space on the memory card. It has no other purpose.

Having Fun With Digital Cameras?

Digital cameras can be a great accessory for a road trip or a vacation. When using a digital camera, it's important to find ways to make it as useful and fun as possible. When using a digital camera, it's a good idea to use the automatic setting as often as possible. By using the automatic setting, a camera can adjust its settings to make sure that a photograph looks great. This includes adjusting for time of day, camera angle, lighting conditions, movement in a photograph and much more. In addition, automatic camera settings can automatically correct red-eye and other conditions that can ruin some photographs. In addition, many digital cameras can be used to record video too.

What camera is more popular a digital camera or a old camera?

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Why is a digital camera important?

american and african cam re

Is a digital camera output or input?

It normally acts as input to a computer. A Computer could send inputs to camera to trigger it remotely or to control its settings.

What is aperture priority of digital camera?

Exposure, in digital or film photography, is determined by aperture and shutter speed. On a manual camera, the user selects both values.On an automatic camera, there are four possibilities:Manual mode. User selects both aperture and shutter speed.Shutter priority. User picks the shutter speed and the camera adjusts the aperture to ensure proper exposure.Aperture priority. User picks the aperture and the camera adjusts the shutter speed to ensure proper exposure.Program mode. The camera selects both values.

How does one replace a canon digital camera battery?

A Canon digital camera battery can be replaced by buying a Canon digital camera battery and putting the Canon digital camera battery in the Canon digital camera battery socket of the Canon digital camera.

Why is it important to always check your camera's settings before taking any photos?

because in a digital camera there are many features you can use example portrait,moving,dancing, etc so you need to make the settings fit with what you are taking pictures and when and how.

Where was the digital camera developed?

at the digital camera factory!

What are the Complete Digital Photography series about?

The Complete Digital Photography series is a book for digital photographers. Instruction on camera controls, exposure, and composition help any photographer with shooting, post production, and printing.

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Yes it can, Go to your camera settings and select USB Mode. And then select Camera. Plug it into your computer and youre ready to go. You will however require the drivers for the camera.

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A manual camera might be a little trickier to use than an automatic camera, but it allows you more control automatic exposure camera, it will keep being attractive for us eternally while a digital camera (or digicam) is a camera that takes video or still photographs, or both, digitally by recording images via an electronic image sensor.

Which camera would be the best for outdoor use?

Any digital camera with adjustable iso settings would work well outdoors. The Canon 30D is a great choice.