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It's very important or there is no teamwork. When there is teamwork things flow easier and the first and foremost thought in each of their minds is patients they see.

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Why is it necessary for health workers to use and understand accepted health terminology to describe the normal structure function and location of the major body systems?

Health workers wouldn’t know what they’re doing without being able to communicate via health terminology. Complex health terms help specify the area of the problem or concern or interest. This is essential for health workers to know in order to properly navigate the body’s major systems and thus being able to know how to work with them.

Why is health important to ourselves?

Health is important becauseWe look younger and healthierWe live longerWe're able to do more stuffWe're able to do better stuffPeople think better things about us

Why should health workers understand health terminology?

Health terminology is the language of health care. It's like asking why someone who drives as car should be able to read the signs on the road, it is essential to their ability to function at their job.

Why is it important to be able to recognize logical fallacies?

It is important to be able to spot them in others' arguments so a false line of reasoning won't fool you.

Why should I purchase Tonik health insurance?

It is important that you have health insurance to stay healthy and make sure that you are able to take care of yourself. If you have health care you can use it to regularly see a doctor to keep track of your health and any issues that might bother you with your health that you normally may not be able to do with out health insurance.

Questions about health?

what exactly are you asking about as i am not able to understand.kindly explain your question so that it becomes more clear for others to answer it.

How are sports related to health?

Sports keep you fit. Also prevents you from gaining weight, and health issues, your able to do possibly more physical work than others!

Why is it important that new discoveries are not accepted immediately?

because the discovery has to be verified by others and also should be able to reproduce exactly by others

Why is it important to be knowlegeable about various health care delivery settings in your community?

It is important to be knowlegeable of the different health care delivery system in your community so as to be able to avail of the health services offered for you and your family. Your knowledge of this will help you to know more about what is free for you to avail in terms of health and where you can get them.

How do workers benefit from joining a union?

Workers benefit from joining unions such that they are able to have an organization that will protect their rights as workers and a voice that can be heared on behalf of them when they need to speak with the higher boss. Unions are also able to help the workers by being able to represent the workers during labor debates, collective bargaining and such.

Why is it important for a health care worker to be aware of his or he of role as an agent?

to be able to give the proper care to patients....

Why is it important to to treat others with honesty respect and consideration?

Are you serious??!! You should be able to figure that on your own..

Why was the Arabic language so important to the Empire of Mali?

to be able to comunnicate to others with the same language

Why health education is important for women health?

Because ultimately we are responsible for our own health with the help of our health care advisors (doctors). Without some understanding of the basics - we are not able to fully participate in our own care as an equal.

Why was writing important in the past?

Because you were able to communicate, and share knowledge with others. It was how some records were kept.

How is effective communication related to health?

Effective communication is very important in relation to health. The patient or caregiver must be able to communicate effectively to relay health concerns, medical history, and medications that are being taken.

How can physical health impact your social health?

obviously, when you are healthy then you are able to give also some tips of health to other on basis of their health experiences. Health is very important for a person without physical health you can't do any thing not only social health most of the things are impossible to do without physical fitness.

Why is health important?

A good Health is essential in order to sustain our life. Both physical and mental health comprises a sound healthy future. "Health is Wealth", as such in every sphere of our life, we would be able to perform to the best of the our ability and it reaches to the gateway of success.

Why are your ears important?

Its important because if we didnt have ears we wouldnt be able to hear, which would lead to not speaking because you wouldnt hear others and you would beggin to get fed up. this is why they are important

Why is Cesar chavez important?

He was a famous civil right leader and he worked hard for other farm workers to have certain rights and for them to be able to work in the United States.

Discuss the importance of perception in organizational behaviour?

Perception is important because you need to be able to understand how you are supposed to act. It is also important to have a clear perception of the others around you.

What are the strength of the filipino character?

The Filipino are hard working and courteous. They show respect to others, they show hospitality and are able to empathize with others. They are creative and hard workers. They are cheerful with a good sense of humor. They have strong religious values. These are the strengths of a Filipino person.

Why is the nervous system important?

Because the brain controls the whole body. Without it you wouldn't be able to preform any movements, voluntary or involuntary. If you couldn't move, you can't get away from danger! Also, it contains the brain, the most vital organ. If we didn't have the brain, our other organs wouldn't have anything to tell them what to do. Think of a company: while the workers are important, without a boss the workers will be able to do close to nothing on their own.

How were crossbows important to Ancient China?

In The wars the Chinese is able to fire 10 arrows in a row with out reload. and it shoots farther then others

What is health and safety training for?

Health and safety training is for the safety of yourself and others around you. Its purpose is to provide you with the knowledge to avoid hazards in the workplace or to be able to protect yourself from them. Definitely for the safety of your self and others around you. A lot of jobs (such as construction) can have a lot of hazards in the workplace and it could be bad for a worker's health and safety. Giving them the right training for health and safety will give them the education to avoid such hazards in the workplace or how to handle such situations.