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Struts are crucial for suspension. Its noted that these cars have noisy front struts which do not necessarily have to be replaced. However, struts that have seen better days can further damage your tires, wheels, and the rest of your suspension. Get it done.

It is important to note here that suspension noise - front or rear - is perhaps the Achilles heal of these other-wise very dependable Toyotas. Many a wrench - myself included - has erred on noise diagnosis with Toyota and Lexus cars. In regard to your particular question, I wonder if 'wheel' or instead 'strut' bearings were recommended. A strut bearing, or mount, along with struts themselves are often the cause of suspension noise. I can count on both hands the number of wheel hubs(bearings) we've replaced on cars. But noise is also caused by worn sway links and bushings, loose mounting bolts, loose trunk fixtures, loose inner wheel well panels, loose upper strut nuts and loose alignment adjustment(rear) bolts. I imagine I've missed a few.

Most Toy techs will acknowledge suspension noise as one of, if not the biggest source of complaint. An experienced mechanic will know this list of potential noise-makers, tell you that it may very well involve a process of elimination, and start at the low/more affordable end - bolts, trunk, sway link bushings. They should also be able to determine if their recommendation is a safety-related issue.

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Depending on how much work is involved, most people can do the simple repairs. There are how-to-do places online but I, a woman, have replaced a few shingles and my repair knowledge is very limited.

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need money for home repairs?

kitchen repairs roof repairs

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What is the purpose of the new space robot at the International Space Station?

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How do you disable airbags from a 2000 S10 Chevy Truck?

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What is the average cost of replacing rear wheel bearings on a maxima?

depending ont theyspecific year we charged 350-400 to do it at our shop. if you had the tools and are familiar with such repairs the hub assembly is around $230 or so for a cheap one.

What causes a head gasket to be replaced if heads are not cracked on a 2000 Isuzu amigo?

if my heads are warped and gasket needs replacing what longterm damages and repairs should i expect

300zx Car Parts?

form_title= 300zx Car Parts What repairs have you had on the vehicle?*= _ [50] What parts do you need replaced?*= _ [50] How much are you willing to spend on parts?*= _ [50]

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Timing belt on a 2002 dodge stratus was replaced but then the mechanic said that two coils had to be replaced but now the mechanic is saying that the computer must have lost its memory because the car?

find a new mechanic, the purpose of a mechanic is to diagnose the problem and give you a quote of the needed repairs, once you authorize said repairs, the mechanic is responsible for stcking to the quote, he/she should not proceed with further repairs until you have been notified. all of the parts removed should have been tested, if there was any inclination of part malfunction and or failure. if you are not satisfied with the work performed have the parts removed and receive a full refund then take your car to an authorized and factory trained tech, ie. your local dodge dealer. you will pay more but the quality of service and the warrenty on the work is much better

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