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The reason it's best to take a hpt with your first morning urine is because the hormone produced at this stage is still not very much and as the first urine is much more concentrated there will be more hormone in it than in the watery urine later in the dayand also wait until you missed your period to test or there won't be enough hormone. If you are still unsure then you should go to your doctor and take a blood test ----best of luck

2006-07-30 08:32:52
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Q: How important is it to use the first morning urine for an at home pregnancy test and if you don't what is the chances of a false test?
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What are the chances of a false positive with a pregnancy test?

If the test is done properly, the chances to give false positive test are very slim indeed.

Can you have a positive blood pregnancy test and not be pregnant?

The chances of that happening are very low as false positive pregnancy tests are very rare

False pregnancy test?

can you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantcan you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantAnsweryou can have a false negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant

Can rabbit have a false pregnancy?

yes it can but if you are breeding rabbits it is less likely to have a false pregnancy if you put the buck in more than once for example put the buck in for an hour on the morning and then about another hour on the afternoon hope this helped

False negative pregnancy test?

to get the best results from a pregnancy test, take it first thing in the morning. this is because when you first wake up is when you're urine is strongest.

Can you have a positive pregnancy test but not actually be pregnant?

You may try the pregnancy test again, to ease your mind and just to be sure. But if you got a plus sign on your pregnancy test, chances are that you are pregnant.Not usually, you have to have the hormone in your system for a positive to show up. There are more false negatives than false positives.

Is it a false pregnancy if the embryo does not develop?

If there was an actual embryo, it was not a false pregnancy.

Can an STD cause a false pregnancy?

No, STDs can't cause a "false pregnancy," and they do not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

Can lithium cause a false positive on a pregnancy test?

Yes, lithium can cause a false pregnancy on a pregnancy test.

What are the chances of a false positive DFA chlamydia test?

The chances of a false positive DFA chlamydia test is less than 1%. The chances of a false negative DFA is 15-20%.

Why do people get false pregnancy?

A "true" false pregnancy is a rare condition usually caused by hormones. A false pregnancy test means their is not enough hCG to be detected.

Can Benadryl cause a false negative pregnancy test?

No. Benadryl does not cause false negative pregnancy test.

Does a dog's stomach get smaller after a false pregnancy?

No, a dog's stomach does not get smaller after a false pregnancy. It remains the same.

CAN your dog go off its food in early pregnancy?

Yes. this i a good sign this is the same as the average human morning sickness, but this could also still be a false pregnancy, go to the vet for an ultra sound at about 30 days into the pregnancy he will be able to tell you

What is false pregnancy symptoms?

Usually a false pregnancy means that you have taken a pregnancy test and it gives you a positive reading when you are not pregnancy (which is very rare) or a negative reading when you really are pregnant.

What is pseudogravida?

False pregnancy

Can you have a false pregnancy test with tubal pregnancy?

Most definitely, yes, you can have a false pregnancy test with tubal pregnancy. Hormones only know an egg implanted. Hormones do not know where the egg implanted.

What causes a false positive pregnancy test?

False positive pregnancy tests are extremely rare. They are caused by tumors when they occur.

Can having a BV cause a false negative on a pregnancy test?

BV won't cause a false negative on a pregnancy test.

True or false a mutation is helpful if it improves the chances for survival of the species?


What are the chances of still being pregnant after four pregnancy tests come out negative?

It all depends. If you took the pregnancy tests too early, then you could get false negatives. I would recommend you wait a week, if your period doesn't start, then retest or get a blood pregnancy test at your doctor's office. ~pawsalmighty

Can dogs have a false pregnancy?

Yes they can.

What are the chances you are pregnant if you are six days late for your period you feel bloated and have sore nipples but home pregnancy tests come out negative?

Either you are pregnant & you got a false neg. or you can be having ovulation pains they are almost exactly the same as pregnancy symptoms.

Where can you find a list of medications that cause false negatives on home pregnancy test?

can atenolol cause a false negative on a pregnancy test

How accurate is a pregnancy test after 3 days late for period?

A pregnancy test can give u a false negative but not a false positive.