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Italians are not known as being religious. They are known for the pride they have in their culture aka "cultured". Religion is secondary to them, and most are Catholics if they haven't converted to another religion.

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Q: How important is religion to Italians?
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What is the religion for the majority of Italians?

Catholic Christianity is the religion for the majority of italians!

What religion are Italians?

Christians. Most Italians are Roman Catholic.

What is the religion for Italians?

The religion that Italians have is mostly Catholicism even though there a lot of religious minorities such as Islam and Judaism.

What religion do Italians celebrate?

The official religion of Italy is Roman Catholicism.

What did the Italians bring to America?

Italians bought things like : culture,culinary,traditions,religion.

What religion do Italians have?

Where they have a religion, it's mainly the Roman Catholic variety of Christianity.

What is the religion Catholic in Italy?

Nearly 96% of Italians claim Catholic as their religion.

What is italians religion?

it all depends on where in Italy your talking about ( :

What is the religion that most Italians follow?

Roman Catholicism.

Why was the Parthenon important for Italians?

It was not

Do Italians believe in Buddha?

Yes and no. Those Italians who hold other or no beliefs don't believe in Buddha. Those Italians who respect Buddhism as a religion believe in Buddha.

What is the name to a very important saint for Italians?

Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Catherine Siena are both important to Italians

Why is pasta important to the Italians?

it's traditional

How does religion affect the Italians life?

It's said to have encouraged a great culture of family.

What is the religion in italy today?

About 70-80% of Italians are Christians, more precisely, Catholics.

What religion did Italians believe in during World War 1?

roman catholic roman catholic

How does the Roman Catholic religion unite Italians?

Italy's history is tied closely to the history of Catholicism.

What religion is mostly in New Jersey?

roman catholic, due to all the Italians, like from jersey shore

What is the Italy's main religion?

The vast majority of Italians profess Catholicism, around 87% according to Wikipedia.

Why is religion an important part of your identity?

Religion is an important part of your identity because your religion you be your-self

What Crafts Do Italians Make At Christmas?

The biggest religion in Italy is Roman Catholic so Christmas is very important. Italian Christmas crafts you can make to celebrate are, a Ceppo, a hidden letter or the art of quilling.

What do Italian's wear?

Italians wear things like you and me. fashion is very important to them

What do Italian wear?

Italians wear things like you and me. fashion is very important to them

What can't the Italians eat because of their religion?

There is no food forbidden to Italians because of the predominant religion, Roman Catholicism. Faithful Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays during Lent, and there are a few other scattered days of abstenance during the year. But no paricular foods are forbidden outside of that.

What religion is cremation important in?

Hinduism. Cremation is an important ritual to the Hindu religion.