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There were many different kinds of knights, and the importance of religion varied according to they kind they were and the inclinations of their persons.

There were religious orders of knights, such as the Knights Templar, who were armored monks. They answered to a religious hierarchy, took vows of poverty and chastity, and prayed, just as other monks did. But the Templars slept in their armor (or at least their chain mail), which made it much less comfortable to sleep.

Other orders of knights had various religious duties. But common knights, who were not members of specific orders, were relatively wealthy young men, wealthy enough to equip themselves, who happened to be part of a heavy cavalry in time of war. You can bet at least some of these were not very impressed by religion, though they might not have been willing to admit it.

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Q: How important was the Church in a knight's life?
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What role did the Church play in the Knights Life?


Why were knights important?

Knights were under their lords, they went to war for the lords, and in return they were rewarded land, so that they could earn money for their armor and weapons... The knights were religious, and would pay monks to do all their praying for them, which made the church very wealthy, not only strengthening the church, but also expanding it. The church itself was already having a major impact on society as it was, and the knights having given so much money to the church (which people looked to the church for hope) was making the church less and less as important in peoples lives, and the monks themselves were becoming corrupt by all the money they were making.

Did medieval knights go to church?

some knights went to church, somtimes but we arnt sure as to how they became religious

What did the church do for knights?

It gave education to the knights and other school people!!!

Why is family life so important in the Catholic Church?

The family is the basic unit of the Church. If families have a strong Catholic life, the Church is strong.

Why did the Catholic Church feel there needed to be a code for knights?

There was a need for the Church to find a way to tolerate knights in good conscience and for the knights to pursue their livelihood in "spiritual comfort." Such a code would put a knight in the service of the Church.

What was a knights family life?

The knights life was controlled by the lord of the mannor

Was Joseph smith a templar?

As in the Knights Templar?? No. Joseph Smith, Jr. (founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/"Mormon" church) was never affiliated with the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar is largely associated with the Roman Catholic Church, both the church and the organization were extremely unpopular in the time and location that Joseph Smith lived.

What is a knights most important job?

A knights most important job was to protect the serfs of the village.

How did the church contribute to medieval life?

The church was very important in medieval life. It provided people with moral guidance and help in surviving difficult situations.

How was the Church important in everyday life?

The clergy helped people follow Church. They also listened when people came to church to confess their sins.

Did medieval knights protect the christian church?

Yes they did.

What religion are knights?

they were christians! they went to church reluctantly

Did the Catholic Church get its power from the Knights Templars' wealth?


How did knights live?

knights lived a very posh and welthy life

Why are swords so important to the knights?

because with out it there not a knights and they cant protect them selfs

What role did knights play in the middle ages?

Knights were the most important part of the kings army. Lords also had knights.

Who did Froissart think was more important knights or peasants?

Knights. Froissart was more focused on battles, chivalry, and nobility.

Is The Knights Life Insurance Company of America still a valid life insurance company?

I found an old Knights Life policy-is it worth anything?

What was a knights social status?

Knights played a major role in Medieval life.

Are the knights templar and the knights of Columbus similar?

The only relation between the Knights Templar and the Knights of Columbus are that both organizations are/were approved by the Catholic church, members must be Catholic, and they both use the word Knight. There are no organizations that can legitimately claim the heritage through ancestry to the original order. The order was disband by the church. The Order of the Knights of Malta are the closest in relation and other organizations with the titles of the Knights Templar only do so out of honour and respect. You can read more about the Knights of Columbus at

What did knights do for entertainment?

Knights went to banquets and feasted. They were also part of an important dance with beautiful women meant only for knights.

What typical practices are part of a knights religion and what part do knights play in the church?

The knights in the country of Switzerland used to try to protect Christianity and Christian leaders a long time ago.

Why were monasteries important to Europe?

because peoples life revoled around god and the church

What role did religion play in a knights life?

The Catholic church set the tone for everyone in the society. Knights were given a code of conduct to pledge to a priest. This was needed because in the early middle ages knights were a little more than "wise guys" and were killing, raping, and looting villages and people, so the church stepped in and wrote a code of conduct for the knight. They had to promise to protect women and children and if they didn't follow the code they would be excommunicated.