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The English translation of the Latin greeting 'Salve, Regina' is the following: Hail, Queen. The word-by-word translation is as follows: 'salve' means 'hail'; and 'regina' means 'queen'. According to classical Latin, the pronunciation is the following: SAHL-way ray-GEE-nah. According to liturgical Latin, the pronunciation is as follows: SAHL-vay ray-DJEE-nah.

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Q: How is 'Salve Regina' translated from Latin into English?
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How is 'Salve Regina' translated from Latin?

In Latin 'Salve Regina' means, hello Queen. Salve is pronounced sal-way, and Regina is pronounced reg-eena.

What does the phrase 'Salve Regina' mean in English?

"Salve Regina" in Latin literally means "Hail Queen" when translated to English. The Catholic hymn "Hail Holy Queen" is a hymn to Mary, and is the final prayer in the rosary.

Translation of 'salve Regina'?

salve = +- salvation regina = +- queen --> save the queen salve = +- salvation regina = +- queen --> save the queen

What is Latin for hello?

English: Hello Latin: Salve(te)!

When was Salve Regina University created?

Salve Regina University was created in 1934.

Where is Salve Regina University located?

Salve Regina University is located in the state of Rhode Island.

What is the motto of Salve Regina University?

The motto of Salve Regina University is 'Maria Spes Nostra'.

Who made the prayer Salve Regina?

Salve Regina was written by Blessed Herman the Cripple in the Middle Ages.

What is 'Hello Mrs' when translated from English to Italian?

"Hello, Mrs."! in English is Salve, signora! in Italian.

What is 'Hello Michael how are you' when translated from English to Italian?

Salve Michele, come va?

What is an english derivative for the latin word salve?

Salvation - though, it is technically from the latin word "salveo". However, "salve" is derived from "salveo", so they are both the same.

What language is salve?

Salve is hello, or greetings in Italian and Latin. Some English words that come from it are salvation, salver, and salvage.

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