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ANFO is an acronym for Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil which is simply ammonium nitrate fertilizer soaked in diesel fuel or some other form of fuel oil such as charcoal starter fluid. It is almost as powerful as dynamite and is the type of bomb used by Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City Bombing which resulted in the deaths of 168 innocent women and children. McVeigh was executed for that crime on June 11th 2001. The ratio of Ammonium nitrate to Diesel fuel is 94.5% ammonium nitrate and 5.5% diesel fuel. Detonation can be achieved with a high temperature such as a spark from a car battery or fireworks such as m80's. More sophisticated detonators can be made from cell phones, walkie-talkies, or even a magneto such as is used by the Army to detonate a claymore mine. The explosion is more intense if the ANFO is in a compressed container. This information is provided solely for educational purposes and should never be used for making a bomb. Remember, it's not illegal to know how to make a bomb and detonate it but it is illegal to make a bomb even if you don't detonate it.


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The area of Anfo is 23 square kilometers.

Average ANFO cost in the US is $.48 cents per pound if bought in bulk.

A gram of ANFO explosive yields about 6300 Joules of energy. The value is usually expressed as 6.3 MJ/kg.

Read The Third Day, The Frost. By John Marsden.

the mixture is 2 U.S. quarts of fuel oil per 50 lbs of ammonium nitrate. or %93.7 ammonium nitrate, and %6.3 fuel oil. A blasting cap is needed to detonate anfo because it is very stable unlike Acetone Peroxide which is a good booster when using ANFO because it takes a very little amount of Acetone Peroxide to set of ANFO and Acentone Peroxide can be set of with a flame or even as little as shooting it or hitting it with a hammer can set it off because it is so sensitive.

No, it can't be detonated without an explosive.

It is much used as a nitrogen containing fertiliser.It is used in pyrotechnics.It is one of the two ingredients in ANFO explosive.

This reaction is an example of detonation, a relative of the chemical process of combustion. ANFO (Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil) contains both an oxidizer and fuel source. The ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) reacts with the alkanes in fuel oil (CnH2n+2) to produce Nitrogen (N2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O).

Nitrogen is an element that is found in fertilizers and explosives. It actually is the most common element in the earth's atmosphere. It also is found below the ground. It's necessary for plants to grow their above ground shoots.Nitrogen forms compounds, some of which occur naturally as minerals. Sodium nitrate and ammonium nitrate both can be used to accelerate an explosion and both can be used as a fertilizer.A typical explosive mixture called ANFO (for Ammonium Nitrate, Fuel Oil) is created fairly easily . ANFO is used in coal mining and in making improvised explosive devices. Since ANFO is fairly insensitive, it takes a stick or two of dynamite to initiate the explosion.

Other IEDs may use military and commercial explosives, such as trinitrotoluene (TNT), ammonium nitrate (fertilizer), and fuel oil (ANFO).

I don't know, but I'm guessing the person who did it isn't alive to talk about it. :P <><><> As a matter of fact, we are alive- thanks for asking! The largest amount of non-nuclear explosives detonated in one shot is an interesting area. TNT is not used for most applications- but there have been several TNT shots of over 500 tons. ANFO- Ammonium Nitrate/ Fuel Oil, is most commonly used for mining and very large research blasts. In 1985, one test at White Sands, NM fired 4,304 TONS of ANFO. See the link below for some more information. There have been ultra large scale mining shots that have fired more than 2,000 tons of ANFO (check Youtube). That is equal to a small nuclear weapon.

The mixture is referred to as ANFO. The explosive mixture is widely used in the mining and heavy construction industry. A hiogh expllosive detinator is required to get the mixture to release it's potential energy.

Use a high temperatue spark created by a hand held magneto the same way we detonated claymore mines in the Army. Adding Acetone peroxide and aluminum shavings to the mix makes it very easy to detonate. Remember that Knowing how to make an ANFO bomb (94.5% Ammonium nitrate fertilizer and 5.5% deisel or fuel oil) and detonate it is not illegal but making a bomb is illegall even if you don't detonate it. That was the type of bomb used by Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City Bombing which killed 168 innocent women and children. McVeigh was executed for that heinous crime on June 11th, 2001.

False.... The Oklahoma City bombings utilized a "low yield" explosive (ANFO) which is typically used in mining to move material. A 'high" explosive, like dynamite, is used to blast and fracture material.

No. It is not illegal to build a nuclear device any more than it is illegal to say mix up ANFO or make a lockpick, provided you have the required permission to possess the materials and technology need for the job. Simple creation and possession of something is not usually illegal, regardless of its possible uses, and nuclear devices are no different.

== == Traditionally, it was made from nitroglycerin, diatomacious earth, and sodium bicarbonate. Modern dynamite, or "ammonia dynamite" uses the high explosive ammonium nitrate instead of diatomacious earth. Dynamite is an improvement on straight nitroglycerin because it does not usually have the problems with freezing (nitroglycerin is very dangerous to thaw), it is solid instead of liquid (therefor easier to handle), and it is cheaper than straight nitroglycerin. == == == == Dynamite is not used in industry as other high explosives such as ANFO (blasting), PETN (shaped charges, demolition), and Semtex (demolition)

The british used SLR assault rifles and Browning .45 pistols. The PIRA themselves used weapons like Armalite M16 A1/2 AK 47 Stinger SAMs Magnums grenades semtex ANFO pipe bombs flame throwers and any other weappon they could find hide steal or make.

Ammonia solutions are used for disinfecting food and surfaces, and ammonia-based cleaners for glass and windows. Ammonia compounds such as ammonium nitrate and ammonium sulfate are widely used as fertilizers, and ammonium nitrate is an oxidizer when mixed with fuel oil in the explosives ANFO and ANNM. Ammonia gas is used for the production of nitric acid, for industrial refrigeration, and to remove sulfur from the emissions of fossil fuel power plants.

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