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How is Christianity different from judaism?

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Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the promised messiah. Judaism is still waiting for the promised messiah.

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How is the nature of God in Judaism different from God in Christianity?

How is the nature of God in Judaism different from God in Christianity

Is Catholicism different from Judaism?

Yes. Catholicism is a major branch of Christianity. Christianity and Judaism are two different religions.

Is Judaism the oldest form of Christianity?

No, Christianity is a different entity.

What religion came first judaism or Christianity?

Judaism. But the two are very different that you can't associate them fairly

Why is Hinduism different from Christianity and Judaism?

There are many differences, but one of the main differences is that Judaism and Christianity believe in one deity, and Hindus believe in many deities.

Is judaism christian religion?

Answer 1No. Judaism came over one thousand years before Christianity.Answer 2It is unclear what this question is asking.If it is asking: Are Judaism and Christianity religions? -- The answer is Yes.If it is asking: Is Judaism a Christian-type religion? -- The answer is No. Judaism is based on a fundamentally different organizational structure and central theology from Christianity.

Who invented Christianity?

Jesus of Nazareth invented the very popular religion, Christianity. Jews believe in Judaism and Catholics believe in Catholicism. Judaism is the religion that Jews celebrate. It is different from Christianity and Catholicism because they think that Jesus wasn't the Messiah and that he or she will come any day now. Catholicism is different from Christianity and Judaism because they believe in and worship the Virgin Mary.

What relationship does Judaism have to Islam and Christianity?

A:Islam and Christianity are derivatives of Judaism.

Why don't Christianity and Judaism get along?

They never will get alone they bothhave different beliefs on different things.

What four religions is Israel important to?

Judaism, Christianity, Islam, & Baha'i.

Are the teachings of Judaism similar to Christianity?

Yes, because Christianity grew out of Judaism.

What symbols Judaism and Christianity do have in common?

Judaism and Christianity do not share any symbols.

A religion that has similarities with judaism and Christianity?

Islam. It claims that it is the continuEation of Judaism and CHRISTIANITY

How did Judaism and Christianity start?

Judaism & Christianity started with God's Covenant with Abraham.

Who was the God of Christianity and Judaism?

There is only One God in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

What are some examples of different religions?


What are the different kinds of religions in the US?

Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism etc.

What are different religions sabathas?

Judaism - Saturday Christianity - Sunday Islam - Friday

What is the differences between Christianity judaism Islam and Hinduism?

The difference between between these three religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism is in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity. This single event marks Christianity different from these other religions.

How long ago did Judaism Christianity and Islam originate?

Judaism came before Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam came from Judaism.Judaism is about 1300 BCE.Christianity was founded in 33 CE.Islam was founded in 622 CE.

What do Jews have to do with Chrisitanity?

The question should be " What does Christianity have to do with Jews (or Judaism)?" Judaism is like a tree where Christianity is its branch and Islam is it leaves. Christianity is based on Judaism and Islam is based on Christianity. The major difference between the three is that Judaism doesn't have jesus in it unlike Christianity and Islam.

Judaism Christianity and Islam all are?

Judaism Christianity and Islam all are...Monotheistic Religions.

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