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Christianity is practiced in many different ways (depending on what type of Christian you are and what church you go to).
· There are many types of Christians. Some are Protestants, Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterian, Methodist, and Roman Catholics.
· The most popular way to practice Christianity is by studying the word of God and applying it to your life after you have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior.
· Studying the word of God- this means that you read the Bible and translate what it means so you understand it. Then, you apply it to your life and anyway that you might use it.
· Accepting Jesus Christ- this means that you believe that Jesus (an innocent man who never sinned) is the son of God and came down only to save us from our sins,
· Save us from our sins- This means that in order for us (human kind) to go to heaven, we needed someone without sin to come take credit for our sins and pay the price we would have to. (The price is death).
· Christians practice Christianity by living the way Jesus did and applying what he says in the bible to things we do every day. They attend a church at least once a week, read the bible, and pray.

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How is Christianity practiced in China?

For the most part, the Christian church is underground in China. _________________________________________________ Legally, Christianity has been divided into 2 different religions in China: Catholic & Protestant.

What are the key practices and rituals of christianity?

First, Christianity is not a monolithic faith. There are about 200different denominations of Christianity, ranging from moretraditional and conservative (such as Catholics or EvangelicalBaptists) to more liberal and progressive(Unitarian-Universalists). There are also two basic strands ofChristianit ( Full Answer )

What do Christians practice?

The ten commandments which are: I am the LORD your God, you shall have no other gods before me. You shall not take the Name of the LORD your God in vain. Keep holy the Sabbath day. Honor your father and your mother. You shall not kill. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not stea ( Full Answer )

What events changed how Christianity was practiced?

Answer: EARLY CHURCH Paul Arguably, the conversion of Paul to Christianity had a major impact on the way early Christianity was practiced and on its spread to Gentile lands. Jewish Temple The destruction of the Jewish Temple in 70 CE had a major impact on the early Christian Church. N ( Full Answer )

What are the beliefs and practices of Christianity?

The beliefs of the majority of Christianity are summarized in the"Nicene creed". The Bible, both Old and New Testaments is God's inspired word andis God's self-revelation about Himself and His dealings with men. Genesis contains foundational truth about the Creation and fall aswell as the first pr ( Full Answer )

How did Christians worship and practice there beliefs?

When Christians meet to pray, it must be done in private. Answer: Early Christians would have to meet in secret because of persecution. A person would draw half a fish and if another drew the other half they would know they were a worshiper of Christ. Mass was done in private and they would re ( Full Answer )

What are the Christian practices?

Generally most Christians celebrate regularly 1 Jesus the Christ the one and only son of the one and only God born of a Virgin the only perfect human life and died to pay for all sin save all people from eternal damnation to Hell and allow God to forgive and give freely eternal life in heaven with G ( Full Answer )

What are the principles and practices of Christianity?

Jesus said "Think not that I have come to abolish the law and the prophets. I have not come to abolish them but to fulfil them." Therefore the principles and practices on which Christianity is based go back a very long way, thousands of years.. The four essential principles and practices of Christi ( Full Answer )

What are some of the practices connected to Christianity?

First, one must define "Christianity" because it is a often used term and has, over the course of time, lost much of its meaning.There are lots of practices that are prescribed amongst Christians and are derived from the Bible, so lets figure out what "Christian" means first. "Christian" literaly ( Full Answer )

In what country is Christianity most practiced?

Answer . It is hard to tell, but there are various Christian churches all over the U.S., the U.K., as well as several other nations, including the millions of Christians in underground China.There are also huge Christian churches in South America, Africa, Australasia, India, Russia, the Middle Ea ( Full Answer )

Where is Christianity practiced?

There are Christians everywhere around the world, but they aremostly in North America and Western Europe. It is mainly practiced in a church, but you can do it anywhere; athome before bed, when you're worried, when you would like somethingand any other time! It just depends if your heart is in the r ( Full Answer )

What do Christianity practice?

Christians believe that there is one god, whom we call God. He sent His son on earth to die for us and save our sins. On the third day after he was cussified on the cross, the was reserected and forgave all of our sins. John 3:60 states that "God so loved the world that he gave his one and only bego ( Full Answer )

What building is Christianity practiced in?

In the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. But really, Christianity is not just practiced in a building; it becomes a way-of-life. It is practiced at home in the way we treat family members; it's practiced at school, and work, in the way we treat other people with kindness and fairness. Christia ( Full Answer )

Where is Christianity practiced in the Middle East?

There are also large Christian communities in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria/Iraq, and Palestine/Israel, which are Maronites, Copts, Syrian Orthodox/Catholic/Chaldean/Assyrian, and Syrian Orthodox, respectively. There are Christian communities in Saudi Arabia as well, but they are officially illegal and op ( Full Answer )

What is the punishment for practicing Christianity in China?

Another answer from our community: As long as Christiansdon't meddle with the Government's Policies, & followguidelines on practicing religion none, and this is true to allfaiths not only Christianity "The Beijing Haidian Christian Church was originallybuilt in 1933 but the number of attendees h ( Full Answer )

In which countries and continents is Christianity practiced?

Christianity is the predominant religion of Europe. It is also the predominant religion in the Americas as well asAustralia & New Zealand, because it was Europeans whodiscovered these other continents first. Lastly, Africa is alsoquickly gaining Christian adherents.

What are beliefs and practices in Christianity?

It varies greatly among Christians but the one thing that Christians have in common is that Jesus is the savior and that baptism is essential for the forgiveness of sins. Most Christians break bread and serve water, grape juice or wine to commemorate Jesus' death and sacrifice. //Although it is re ( Full Answer )

What are the main practices of Christianity?

Honoring God and gaining His Grace is one. Having love for others and helping them out when you can is another. Spreading the Word of the Lord, and meeting with other Christians periodically are others. Some folks believe that you can be a Christian without meeting with other Christians. Observing t ( Full Answer )

How do you practice Christianity?

Christianity cannot be practiced because it is not a religion; it is a relationship with Jesus Christ. Following Christ means submitting to His will, walking by His Holy Spirit, reading and applying His Word to your life. It also means repenting of your sins and trying not to sin as much as possible ( Full Answer )

Where is the Christian religion practiced?

Almost all over the world except few Islamic Countries Around the world and even in the jungles. Some countries have a low population of Christian believers and some have a lot. The country with the most Christians is South Korea. Amazing huh? Neary every country has Christian believers.

Which sects of Christianity practice baptism?

Nearly all Christian churches baptize. They follow the example of John the Baptist, and the instructions of Jesus Christ and Saint Paul, as set forth in the New Testament. The meaning and procedure of baptism varying among the Christian churches. . For example, the Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, Re ( Full Answer )

Basic practices of Christianity?

This is not a question it is a phrase. Assuming you mean what are the basic practices of Christianity this is a short answer. Christianity is a relationship with Jesus. So practice number one is to nurture that relationship, and to do that requires prayer, fellowship with other christians and a will ( Full Answer )

What do practicing christians believe in?

Christians believe that the Lord created everything. Jesus Christ is His son, and was sent to die for our sins. Therefore, Jesus is the only way for salvation and into Heaven. They believe in both the Old and New Testament. There are many divisions of Christianity, though. Each of them have their ( Full Answer )

What major countries practice Christianity?

In Asia, Philippines and timor leste in Africa, eastern, western, central and southern region of the continent for a reason that noerthern Africa is a Muslim domain Oceania, Europe, North and South America are Christian territories

Is Christianity practiced in China?

Yes. Most large cities have at least one or two churches, and Western missionaries can occasionally be found travelling through the country. Macao, which has reverted to Chinese rule, has several very beautiful churches. However communists are inherently atheist, they fear religion as a potential ( Full Answer )

Is smoking good christian practice?

No, because we are supposed to be good stewards of what God has given us, including our bodies. However, this includes eating, keeping healthy, etc, which many Christians don't do either! Either way, smoking won't send you to hell..Jesus has bigger fish to fry than that! But it's better not to smo ( Full Answer )

Is Christianity practiced in India?

Yes, however some hindus have been recently persecuting and even murdering their Christian neighbors in India, though most hindus are opposed to violence done by those groups have done the terrible violence.

Why do Christians practice communion?

Rituals are a proven method of keeping a message alive. Communion is a ritual meant to allow people to remember the importance of Jesus' death, and his foreknowledge of the reasons.

What countries mostly practice Christianity?

Some of the countries with citizens who practice Christianity are the Philippines, Portugal, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Belarus, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, haiti, Romania, and Venezuela.

Where is most of the religon Christianity practiced in?

According to the Pew Research Forum, there are 800 million Christians in the Americas, 600 million in Europe, 250 million in Africa, 200 million in eastern Asia, and 10-15 million in the Middle East. (these are round figures that do not total up to the estimate 2.3 billion Christians, but are fairly ( Full Answer )

Where is Islam and Christianity practiced?

Christianity is a worldwide religion and is growing in large numbers. Islam is practiced in the Middle East and is also official there, except for Israel.

Why did most Christians practice secretly?

Genuine Christians do NOT practice secretly. Jesus told them they were to be 'the light of the world'. Then he states that 'a light is NOT hid under a basket'. But since Jesus also stated that his disciples might need to be 'as cautious as snakes'; they try to balance between being a 'light to th ( Full Answer )

What country is Christianity practiced in?

christianity is practiced in every corner of this planet. . . .though islam nations like iran,iraq and pakistan oppose and strongly condemn christianity in their nations.Reports claim that there are numerous who follow secretly!!

How long has Christianity it been practiced?

Christianity is rather a new way of life when compared with the length of some other religions. Jesus died in approx 33 CE. Today is 2012 CE. That would make it approx 1,980 years old. But the worship of Jehovah God (from which Christianity stems) goes back much, much further. Perhaps billions o ( Full Answer )

Can Christians practice zen and still be Christians?

If by practice Zen the processes of maintaining inner calm, meditation and the instantaneous attempt to understand events is meant, anyone can practice Zen. However if by practice Zen the process includes the Buddhist understanding of reaching Nirvana without supernatural aid, the absence of a deity ( Full Answer )

How does President Obama practice Christianity?

He practices it the same way that any moderate Christian would. He tries to live a life in accordance with Christian principles, attends church, reads the Bible, and tries his best to be an ethical and compassionate person. He also has raised his children to respect the life and teachings of Jesus.

What was some of the practices of Christianity?

Praising and loving God. Loving your neighbor. Preaching the gospel to the unsaved to help their souls get saved through Jesus Christ as our savior. Encouraging fellow Christians. Caring for the orphans, the widows, and the poor. Keeping a pure heart. Repenting to God and asking for our forgiveness ( Full Answer )

What do people do when they practice Christianity?

There are only three things that Jesus Christ told his disciples todo. They are: make disciples. baptise disciples. to share bread and wine together to remember Him. This basically is what Christians do when they practiceChristianity. Jesus left two guidelines for believers to live by: 1. Love G ( Full Answer )

What percent of Christians practice Christianity?

Regular church attendance is probably the best marker for whether someone is a practising Christian. The percentage of self-described Christians who regularly attend church varies from around ten per cent in Europe to more than half in the United States, although these statistics are notoriously unr ( Full Answer )

What is the main religion practiced by Christianity?

This is an interesting question and it opens a fantastic pathwayfor discussion. Often, people refer to "religion" as different ways of believing inGod. For example, if a person were to say "Name three major religions,"the typical answers might be something like "Christianity, Islam,Buddhism." Now, ( Full Answer )

Where is Christianity practiced in Africa?

Christianity is practiced in all corners in Africa as there isalmost 380 million people who practice some form of Christianity(petnacost, baptist, orthodox, etc.). It is the second largestreligion now in africa with islam being first.