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You may use only electroning file to report diesel, gasoline, ethanol and propane fuel types on an original return for the current reporting period.
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Can an individual file a judgment against you and have it reported on your credit report?

Yes. You can file suit as a plantiff or be the defendant in a suit which results in a judgment against you. This information, like all public records, is picked up by third party vendors who then report them to the credit bureaus. A consumer can send information regarding themselves, such as disposi ( Full Answer )

How do you file something on someone's credit report?

The first step if you do not have a reporting account with the credit bureaus is to file a civil suit against them and win. (Be advised that the "and win" part is not guaranteed, going to court is never predictable.) If you have a judgment the next step is to try and collect, if they will not pay ( Full Answer )

How do you file an accident report with the police?

Call your local police department and tell them you want to make out an accident report. An officer will come to you and get your information. be honest, it's the best way.

Is filing a false police report a felony?

I believe this might be lying to an officer of the court or lying to a police officer, but it might also fall under fraud or perjury. If it was a federal court, it might also fall under lying to a federal police officer -- remember Martha Stewart? I'd bet that nearly ALL of these charges could be ( Full Answer )

How do i file a report with a collections agency?

In order to hire a collections agency to collect a debt for you, you contact their office and ask fill out the forms they have for you. To decide which firm to hire, you should do some research first, such as ask the small claims court which they would recommend, and ask around at various small busi ( Full Answer )

Why would a doctor file an incident report?

A doctor is required by law to file an incident report if he feels an injury was sustained during an illegal activity, an assault, or physical abuse. For instance, all gunshot wounds must be reported so they can be traced.

When do police file reports?

Police file reports right after the offense has occurred. Thepolice reports are there so records can be found about theoffenses.

What if police refuse to file a report?

Police should file a report on request. It is not their decision whether to prosecute or not - that decision rests with a prosecuting authority - attorney general or equivalent. Take the names of the police staff who refuse. Ask for their police ID and copy the details on it. Try to take pict ( Full Answer )

Where do you file a verbal harassment report?

It depends where it occurred, In the workplace, you would report it to Human Resources. In your person life (neighborhood etc), file a complaint at the police department.

How can a person file a sexual harassment report?

You go to the police and tell them that your being sexual harassed and you will like to make a report about it. You report to the police that you or someone else is being sexually harassed. Then they handle the rest by coming to your house and the whole shenagin.

Was a police report filed against me?

The only way to find out for sure if a police report was filedagainst you is to contact your local police department. Some statesdo not make this information public.

When can you file a missing person report?

At anytime after the individual goes missing - after a "reasonable" time has passed OR dependent upon the circumstances. The catch is the "reasonable time" part. If it is a young juvenile - action will be taken almost immediately. For a teenager - a little longer. For an adult (not under suspicious ( Full Answer )

When is a police report filed?

At least a preliminary report is usually by the end of the investigating officer's shift of duty or within 24 hours at the latest. Depending on the amount of investigative work that must be done or the complexity of the case the original report may be amended or added to as time goes by.

How can you file a police report?

If the issue is ANY KIND OF EMERGENCY CALL 911 INSTANTLY. If it is not an emergency I suggest the following. The best way is to go in person to your local police station. If the crime perpetrated against you is of certain types, they can help you get help in dealing with the crime. If you cannot go ( Full Answer )

What are the charges for filing a false police report?

Purposely, you'll be fired or suspended. Accidently nothing will happen except "Don't let it happen again",or "That's okay". thats not true my son was taken to the police station tonight and was arrested for it and he didnt lie but didnt tell the entire truth.

Can police file a report with no evidence?

Essentially - anytime someone complains to the police reporting or alleging a criminal violation, the police take a report. Oftentimes, at first, there is no evidence except the complainants report until an investigation is begun that either does, or does not, confirm the complainansts report.

What happens if you file a theft report with falsehoods in it?

That's a very serious crime and you could not only go to jail for falsifying a police report, you leave yourself wide open for lawsuits: for example, if you claim more was stolen than actually was, whoever stole it could sue you if your false claims got them a harsher punishment, and your insurance ( Full Answer )

How do you find out if a police report was filed against you?

Police reports are generally considered public information. Go to your local police department and ask them to do a search. The more information you provide, the better chance you will have to get a good result from the search.

How can you get a police report when the police didn't file it?

Generally a police report can be obtained for a small fee. Normally a subject calls the police, they come out and write a report. Sometimes it takes a little longer because of all parties not having enough information. If a person wanted a report and one was not filed, I would first suggest going to ( Full Answer )

Do you file a police report if you backed into a pole?

Most states require that an accident report be filed with the police if the accident results in damage exceeding a certain amount (this varies with the state) or any injury. Even if your vehicle wasn't damaged, the utility company owning the pole might have to repair or replace it, and that cost cou ( Full Answer )

Should you file a theft report?

You must file a theft report if you intend to make a claim against your insurance. Also if it was an expensive item, you should file the theft report because arrests are being made all the time. If a person is arrested for a crime and the police see that expensive item, you will probably get it back ( Full Answer )

How do you file injury report with UPS?

Each division of UPS has there own Safety Department for various reasons. The minute your injury occurs, you are to immediately notify your Supervisor and his/her Supervisor. No matter how injured you may be, request that your injury be documented by the Safety Supervisor and you may document it you ( Full Answer )

How do you file a dispute on your credit report?

Just phone the credit card company and tell them what the problem is. They may be willing to fix it without requiring you to file a formal dispute. If they do have such a requirement, they will tell you what they require.

How do you file missing person report?

Contact the law enforcement agency of the jurisdiction in which the person either legally resides, or in who's jurisdiction the missing person was last known to be.

Where do I file a report for bigamy?

You can start by filing a police report at your local police department. The staff may be able to put you in touch with someone at the local district attorney's office. You can start by filing a police report at your local police department. The staff may be able to put you in touch with someone at ( Full Answer )

Can you sue for filing a false police report?

If someone names you as a criminal and you are then arrested, but the report was false, then you can sue the person who lied to the police. However, there typically have to be "damages", such as injuries, lost wages, loss of your reputation, for you to get anything from the lying person, and they h ( Full Answer )

Who can file a missing persons report in michigan?

Preferably a family member or relative, however anyone in a close relationship to the alleged missing individual and with recent relevant knowledge of the person's routine comings and goings, and activities can make a report to law enforcement.

How long do you have to file a police murder report?

There is no statute of limitations on Murder. Added: If you have knowledge of a grave offense such as this and delay, or fail, in, reporting it, you could be charged with a criminal offense yourself.

What is file false police report?

Example: i call the police and report my car stolen when it is sitting in my garage.. that's a false police report and id go to jail if they found out i was lying.

How do you find out if police report has been filed on you?

You can visit your local police department or clerk of courts and ask for any police reports pertaining to yourself. If they choose not to release them to you, file a Freedom of Information Act request, which compels them to release it or provide you with a reason as to a denial.

How are accident reports usually filed?

Accident reports are usually filed with the police. They will interview the person and fill in the accident report using those details. A separate report is filed with the insurance company.

When can you file a missing persons report?

They said that we have to wait 24 hrs before we can file formissing persons report, this is not true.. You can file immediatelyspecially the person missing is under 16 years of age.

Can you file an accident report online?

Some insurance companies will let you start a claim online but onlybecause they aren't staffed 24 hrs, they will still call you andwill want a police report number and your version of what happened.Sometimes even the police don't come out for traffic depending onstate and damages but still have to g ( Full Answer )