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How is Japan developed without resources?

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Japan wouldn't developed without resources because its all what japan needs they are up to date wuth technology new hard drives, phones , new games consoles and cars they invent many stuff and make them so wiyh out there resources we dont have resources so thank you japan but the question i would like to know is why are they so developed compared to england!?

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How did Japan emerge as a developed country inspite of its poor natural resources. Explain. Answer in 150 words?

in my opinion japan developed because in japan so many things come toofan

How has japan developed its industries without plentiful raw materials?

Cuz it duz

What natural resources does Japan have?

japan has NO resources!

Is Japan a developed country?

yes japan is a developed country.

Does Japan have many resources?

Yes Japan has a lot of resources

How developed is Japan?

Japan is very developed as it has the third largest economy in the world.

Is Japan a developing or developed country?

Japan is no more a developing country. It is a developed country

What is more developed Brazil or Japan?


Is Japan a developed or developing country?

like the USA, Japan is a developed or post industrial country

Is Tokyo a developed country or not?

Tokyo is not a country, it is a city in Japan. Japan is a developed country.

What did Japan do for resources in Pearl Harbor?

Japan had the resources for an attack on Pearl Harbor. They simply needed more resources to continue the war.

Is japan a developed nation or a developing nation?

Japan is one of the most highly developed nations in the world.

What is developed resources?


Why did Japan invade Singapore?

This is because the Japanese needed resources during the war as Japan was cut off from resources from the countries that did not support Japan.

Is japan a highly developed country?

Yes. Japan is an MDC (Most Developed Country). It is very highly developed. They rank highest on the HDI with a 0.96

Where was the PS2 developed?


Where was China developed?


What has the author A H Chidester written?

A. H. Chidester has written: 'Sulfur resources of Japan' 'Barite resources of Japan' -- subject(s): Barite 'Pyrite resources of Japan' -- subject(s): Pyrites

Is japan a developing country or a developed country?

Developed country

Where were the first robots developed?

The first robots were developed in Japan.

How developed are Kenya and Japan?

well I think Kenya is developed very good and Japan is brilliant that s what i think

Is Japan a developing country?

No, Japan is a fully developed country.

Where does Japan get is resources and how does it use them in its industries?

It mostly imports its resources.

What are resources of Japan?

things japan produces naturally in its country

Why did the Japan develop an Asian Empire?

japan had little resources