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How is Jesse James related to Westward Expansion?

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Is Jesse James from Jesse James is a dead man related to Jesse James the outlaw?


Is Jesse Woodson James related to Jesse Gregory James?


Who is Jesse James related to?

There were several people outlaw Jesse James was related to. He had his parents, 7 siblings, he also had a wife, and two children.

Is John Thomas James related to Jesse James?


Are Ami James and Jesse James related?

No ami father met James mother

Is Olivia Neilson related to Jesse James?


Is Jesse James from West Coast Choppers related to Jesse James the outlaw?

Hell no Jesse the outlaws blood wouldn't allow him to cheat on Sandra bullock

What famous outlaw was related to a bank teller?

Jesse James

Is Wiley Post related to outlaw Jesse James?

Highly unlikely.

Did Jesse James have issues?

Haha, good one. I think all outlaws have problems, as if that's why they do the crimes. You know I'm related to Jesse James? =D

Were Cole Younger and Jesse James related in anyway?

Yes they were cousins on his mothers side

Is Tommy James related to Jesse James?

No. Tommy James's real name was Tommy Jackson. He changed it early in his career.

Where did Jesse James hide his money?

were did jesse james hide

Who was the father of Jesse James outlaw?

Robert Sallee James was the Fanther of Jesse James

Who was Jesse James parents?

Jesse James parents were Robert s James and zerelda cole James

Did Jesse G James die?

no Jesse g James did NOT die

How is Jesse g James related to the outlaw Jesse James?

There is disagreement about this that can only be resolved by doing some serious research. See the discussion page, or for a simpler explanation follow the link below, for more details.

When was Jesse James born?

Jesse James was born on April 19, 1969.

Who arrested Jesse James?

As far as I know Jesse James was never arrested.

Who did Jesse James marry?

Jesse James married his cousin zerelda mimms

How was Jesse James killed in his home?

Jesse James wasn't killed in his home.

Who Shot the outlaw Jesse James?

Jesse James was shot by Robert Ford

How tall is Jesse James Rice?

Jesse James Rice is 5' 11".

How tall is Jesse James Thomas?

Jesse James Thomas is 5' 3".

When was The Legend of Jesse James created?

The Legend of Jesse James was created in 1979.

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