How is Kafka's Metamorphosis an example of Magical Realism?

Magical Realism is when a basically realistic situation has some magical, unrealistic elements. Kafka's Metamorphisis, a story about a person who turns into a cockroach, is an example of this because everything except for the turning into a cockroach part is realistic. The setting, the family relationships, the emotions, the motivations, etc. Human nature. ... the magical part is a person turning into a cockroach, and making something that we find disgusting even bigger and more obvious. This is something that fiction often does... magnifies a small truth to huge proportions, so that we can examine it and see it more clearly. :) In this case, it is a truth we don't really want to look at. We'd rather ignore or destroy a cockroach, and the story makes us look at how we see the people around us, and how we treat them if they aren't beautiful or interesting to us.