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Lacrosse can be played out doors on a field (similar to a soccer field) or in a indoor stadium. The standard lacrosse field is 110 X 60 yards. There are 10 players per team: 3 midfielders, 3 attackmen, 3 defensemen, and 1 goalie. Lacrosse is very similar to Hockey, Lacrosse is played with a lacrosse stick and a hard rubber ball. The object of the game is to gain possession of the ball after the "face-off", pass the ball around to other team mates until there is an opportunity to shoot at the goal. Every goal scored is worth one point. When a team is in possession of the ball they are playing offense and try to score a goal (while the other plays defense), if they lose possession to the other team they play defense while the other team tries to score on their goal. After a goal is scored the teams face off again. Lacrosse is a full contact sport. Check out for more information.

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there are2 ways to play.but im only going to tell you the first one. it is on an out door field. about the size of a soccer field, with 2 goals on either side of the field. but there is a space between the end line and the goal line extended(a line that verifies where you put the goal). then there is a line in the middle of the goal line extended and the half line. this line tells the attack men (the playres who try to score goals) and the defence man the playres who try to stop them.

At the beginning of the game, the apposing centers "face off" for position of the ball. This happens after each goal is scored and after every quarter. There are four 15-minute quarters to make up one 60 minute Lacrosse game.

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Q: How is Lacrosse played today?
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Is lacrosse still played today?

is that a real question?

Where lacrosse played?

lacrosse is played on a lacrosse field.

Did Native Americans play lacrosse?

Yes native Americans did play lacrosse. they invented it, but they played it differently than we do today.

What is the name of the sport the Iroquois's invented that is still played today?


Where can lacrosse be played?

Lacrosse is usually played on Grass of Turf.

What season do people play lacrosse?

Lacrosse can be played in fall and winter in indoor lacrosse, but it is mostly played in the spring and summer in outdoor lacrosse.

What season lacrosse was played?

Indoor lacrosse is typically played during the winter at the high school and lower levels. outdoor lacrosse is played in the spring.

When was lacrosse first played as a sport?

were do lacrosse the sport come from ? were do lacrosse the sport come from ?

Did the Cree Indians play lacrosse?

Yes the Cree were one of the many southern Quebec, Ontario and northern New York tribes that played the game we commonly call today; Lacrosse.

How do you compare and contract Native American lacrosse to the lacrosse you know today?

They used to kill each other in Lacrosse back then

Did Canadians really lacrosse?

yes the Canadians played lacrosse.

Where is lacrosse played?

Lacrosse was played in Europe and South America but now it's spread across the world.

What is lacrosse played with?

Lacrosse is played with a Stick and Multiple pads. Including, A helmet, shoulder pads, etc.

What Indian tribe played lacrosse?

do the hupa Indians play lacrosse

What sport today is the same as stickball?


How often is lacrosse played?

Lacrosse is played very often. It is played in major leagues, colleges, high schools, and also in the Olympics.

What sports did Iroquois played?

they played lacrosse

What is box lacrosse?

Box lacrosse is where it is inside an arena or building, a bit different from field lacrosse which is played outside.

What is women's lacrosse?

lacrosse played by women instead of men. isn't it obvious?

High school lacrosse?

The game of lacrosse played by high school students

Lacrosse was played on what continent?

Lacrosse first originated on the continent of North America.

Where was lacrosse devoloped?

Lacrosse was originally played by the Native Americans, although their games ran for days at a time. When the settlers came, they learned the game and even played a few times against the Natives. Of course, they lost brutally. it then was very scarcely played and grew until it became the sport it is today

What was the first sport ever to be invented that is still going on today?

Lacrosse was the first one that is still played in modern times. It was first played in 1320 by an Indian tribe.

What countries is lacrosse played in?

Lacrosse is a mainly North American sport. It is mainly played in Canada and the United States. Lacrosse also has some variations such as box/indoor and outdoor.

What does the name lacrosse mean and where was its origins?

Lacrosse was first played by the Potawatomi Indians as a celebration.