How is Mexico city larger than New York city?

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Is New York City bigger than New York?

Answer . That would be impossible. New York City is within the state of New York. This would obviously cause New York to be bigger in both population and square miles.

How long does it take to drive to Mexico city from New York?

3 days minimum. 4 days recommended. About 31 hours from New York City to Laredo, TX. (2000miles/65mph). If you drive solo, you will need to sleep and/or rest about 5 hours for every 10 hours driving. 31hours driving+15 resting = 46 hours. Laredo to Mexico City is another 16 hours (+ 7 hours=23) rest ( Full Answer )

How far is Mexico City from New York City?

The distance between the said two places is 2080 miles. This is an approximate direct (straight line) distance. During actual travel,this distance may change if a different flight route is chosen.

What are the similarities between Mexico City and New York City?

First, the statistics: Population (Metro) NYC: 19,006,798 MEX: 21,163,226 Land Area NYC: 8,683 km2 (3,352.6 sq mi) MEX: 7,854 km2 (3,032.4 sq mi) Gross Municipal Product NYC: $1,130 billion ($59,452 per capita) MEX: $315 billion ($14,884 per capita) Both cities are the economic ( Full Answer )

Is New York bigger than Mexico City?

That would depend on the method and definition used as to what "bigger" and "city" mean when preparing the study. As a statistical agglomeration New York-Newark has a larger population. Mexico City is larger when the criteria is set as Metropolitan Area or merely as a city.

How long to drive from New York City to Mexico?

The driving distance from NYC to the Mexican border is approximately 1,963 road miles. The driving time will be about 32 hours, depending on your speed and traffic conditions.

Are there more blacks than whites in New York City?

No, but there are more blacks and Latinos combined than whites. As of 2009, Latinos make up 27.4% of the total population, and blacks make up 25.2%. By comparison, Caucasians (whites) make up 44.1% of the total population.

What is larger New Jersey or New York City?

New Jersey in both population and area. New Jersey has an estimated 8,707,739 residents. New York City has an estimated 8,363,710 residents. New Jersey's area is 8,729 square miles. New York City has a land area of 303 square miles.

Is Moscow bigger than New York City?

They are roughly the same size, but New York City is a bit bigger. The total area of Moscow is 417.4 square miles (1081 square kilometers). The total area of New York City is 468.9 square miles (1214.4 square kilometers).

Are there more daylight hours in Mexico City or New York City during winter?

There are more daylight hours in Mexico City during winter. Some examples are provided: . December 23: . Mexico City - 7:07 AM to 6:04 PM . New York - 7:17 AM to 4:33 PM . January 21: . Mexico City - 7:13 AM to 6:22 PM . New York - 7:15 AM to 4:59 PM . February 21: . Mexico Cit ( Full Answer )

Is Staten Island a different city than New York City?

No, Staten Island (officially known as Richmond County) is part of New York City. It is one of the five boroughs of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island. The five boroughs consolidated into one city -- New York City -- in 1898.

Is Lebanon bigger than New York City?

New York City is larger than Lebanon. New York City population isapproximately 8,500,000. Lebanon population is approximately6,000,000.

Is New York City bigger than Ottawa?

New York City is larger than Canada's capital city Ottawa. Thepopulation in New York City is approximately 8,500,000. thepopulation in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada is approximately 285,000.

Which New York City borough is larger the Bronx or Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is larger than the Bronx. Brooklyn is 96.90 square miles (251 square kilometers), while the Bronx is 57.43 square miles (148.7 square kilometers). Brooklyn's population is also larger than that of the Bronx. Brooklyn's population is roughly 2.5 million, while the population of the Bronx is ( Full Answer )

How many miles away is New York city from Albuquerque New Mexico?

2,225 miles taking this route: . Take I-25 NORTH from Albuquerque to I-76 EAST via E-470 (tollway) NORTH to bypass DENVER (EXIT 194 off I-25 in COLORADO to get onto E-470 [tollway], follow signs to E-470 [tollway] NORTH ; EXIT 35 off E-470 [tollway] to get onto I-76 EAST to FT. MORGAN). . Take I- ( Full Answer )

What city is larger Mumbai or New York?

In terms of population, Mumbai is much larger than New York City. Mumbai's estimated population in 2010 was close to 14 million people while New York's was less than 9 million. The greater metropolitan area around Mumbai is estimated to contain over 21 million people.

What city is worst than Mexico City?

In terms of what? Mexico city is a huge, complex city with many different kinds of neighborhoods - you can find places like Polanco o Del Valle with some of the highest quality of life in the Western Hemisphere all along places that look like Baghdad during the occupation. If you mean things like ( Full Answer )

Is the city of Oshawa in Canada bigger than the Borough Manhattan in New York city?

Yes and no. Oshawa has more land, the isle of Manhattan (aka New York County, NY) has more people. The city of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada has a population of 152,000 according to the 2011 census. It has a physical size of 145.65 sq. km. (or 52.24 sq miles.) The borough of Manhattan, in New York C ( Full Answer )

What is three major cities of New Mexico other than Mexico city?

New Mexico is a US state. Its capital is Santa Fe, and another twoimportant cities of such state include Albuquerque and Las Cruces. Mexico on the other hand, is an independent country south of theUnited States. Its capital is Mexico City, and two other majorcities of such country are Guadalajara a ( Full Answer )

Is New York City a city?

Yes, it is the largest city in America and home to 8 millionpeople. It is made up of five boroughs, Manhattan being the mostfamous.