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In the same way that everyone is different from everyone else.

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Q: How is Michael Jackson different from someone else?
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Was Michael Jackson in love with Diana Ross?

Yes he was, he wanted to marry her and was heart broken when she married someone else.

Did Michael Jackson actually curse in the song scream or did someone else do the cursing?

no he dint Janet and vocals said that

Who else inspierd Justin bieber?


Is Michael Jackson dance hip hop or modern?

I think modern because have you ever saw anybody else but Michael Jackson do the moonwalk?

How does Michael Jackson pick his nose?

Same way everyone else does.

What else did Michael Jackson do at a young age apart from singing?


On ill be there by Michael Jackson who else sings it with him?

His brother Jermaine and Michael himself sing the lead voals.

Did Michael Jackson like water?

Everyone in the world likes water, or at least everyone had to drink it or else they would die, but yes, Michael Jackson liked water.

Why did Michael Jackson not want to be the best man in Diana ross' wedding?

He was in love with her and it broke his heart when she married someone else, so he refused to be best man.

Why is Michael Jackson music awesome?

Michael Jackson music was so awesome because he was original. He came up with his own ideas and didn't copy anyone else. He has ideas that no one else has. Hos mind goes to places that no one else does referening to music.

Is Michael Jackson a good singer?

Of course, I mean why else would he be the king of pop?

Who play Michael Jackson when he was younger in the Jackson 5 movie?

Half of it was someone else. Half of it was Micheal. no it was Jason weaver played him in his preteen years and then Wylie draper played him in his early adult years. He did the best job!!!! number1

Who is considered the best dancer in the world?

Matter of opinion, to some Michael Jackson would be the best, for others it's James Brown, or someone else like Usher or Justin Timberlake.

What was the message Michael Jackson was trying to send with the song man in the mirror?

the world is a mess and he was tired of waiting for someone else to change it when he could stand up and make the change himself

Was Michael Jackson good at school?

I saw an A in music a C in English and E in everything else.

Do professional vocalists brush their teeth before concerts?

Michael Jackson did bt no-one else do it.

What else did Michael Jackson do other than singing?

Dancing, producing, acting and writing songs.

Did Michael Jackson play anyone else in ghost?

He played The Maestro, the Mayor, a ghoul and a skeleton.

Is Michael Jackson the only person in the world who bleached his skin white if not who else?

Michael Jackson never bleached his skin. he had Vitiligo so he had to wear make up to even out his skin tone

Who was the 7th President?

Andrew Jackson might have been the 7th i think someone else was but whatever. put Andrew Jackson

What is I'll Be There by Michael Jackson about?

its about staying together and being there for each other, the line 'if you should ever find someone new, i know he better be good for you, because if he doesnt I'll be there' means if you start loving someone else, I'll still be there for you.

Why is Michael Jackson the best singer ever?

It's just an opinion it doesn't actually make him the best, everyone has different tastes and opinions on the best singer is or was. To his fans Michael of course be considered the best to others it would be someone else. But almost every person is a fan of MJ so he is the best singer ever this world had and going to have.

Was Michael Jackson better than Michael buble?

Everyone will have a different opinion, I think he was, but I also think Michael Buble is very talented. Michael is and will probably always be better than any artist. That's nothing against anyone else, it just means that he is a one off and will never be topped

Can love for someone feel different from a love you had for someone else?


What else do you know about Chris Brown?

He was born May 5,1989. His influences are Michael Jackson and James Brown