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Originally, Windows NT was to be known as OS/2 3.0; the connection is actually quite intimate. Windows NT resulted from the fact that IBM and Microsoft decided to go their own ways with OS/2 after the success of Windows 3.0. Microsoft added a Windows-like API to "their" OS/2, on top of the OS/2 API, and christened the result "Windows NT" (mid 1993; there were a number of other differences between early Windows NT and OS/2, but the API was the principal one). IBM continued development of OS/2, with a more-or-less "native" API. Windows NT and OS/2 continued to diverge over the next few years. For more, see this excellent article on Windows NT:

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Which operating system was developed by Microsoft using core components of OS2 and was meant to replace OS2?

Windows NT

Which operating system was devloped by Microsoft using core components of OS2 and was ment to replace OS2?

Windows NT

How is OS loosely connected to Windows NT?

The full meaning of OS is Operating System. Windows is a multi user multi-tasking operating system. Windows NT is a version of Microsft Windows.

How is os2 loosly connected to Windows NT?

OS/2 was developed by Microsoft and IBM before NT was developed. No doubt discoveries made by the Microsoft side while OS/2 was under development went into NT when Microsoft developed it. I've seen programs state compatibility between OS/2 and the Win 9x line of operating systems along with NT4.

What are the difference between window NT server and workstation?

Window nt workstation used 2 procesor whereas nt server used 4 procesor.Max 10 client in workstation and unlimited in nt servernt wrksttn suitable for intranet and nt server suitable for internetnt wrksttn have 1 connection only and nt server has 255 connection.

What does Window NT stand for?

Windows New Technology

Number of computers connected to Microsoft NT?


What are Number of computers connected Microsoft NT?


What is the Number of computers connected TO Microsoft NT?


What is the difference between interdependence and interconnectedness?

all things are friends they do nt be connected

What file system does windows use for window volume?


What is the full form of NOS?

nos is "Network Operating System" which works in Window NT.

What are windows contained in window NT?

The question does not make sense. Windows NT is an operating system primarily used for use as a server and it uses a graphic user interface.

What is the difference between window 98 and NT?

Windows NT (new technology) added the HAL or Hardware Abstraction Layer to prevent direct interaction between hardware and software.

What is the file system that is common to DOS Windows 9x Windows NT Windows 200 and Window xp?


Who nvented the first window and what improvments did he mak to the window?

It was Microsoft. Improvements: Windows 3.1, 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista and plus server operating systems.

Which Microsoft operating systems support 32-bit device drivers?

Windows 95 (partial, via USB add-on) Windows 98 Windows ME Windows NT 3.1 Windows NT 3.5 Windows NT 3.51 Window NT 4 Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Server 2003 Windows Vista Windows Server 2008

Which operating system is window 2000 is based on?

Win2000 is based soley on NT technology. This eliminated the need to have DOS running in the background.

Which Windows OS does not support plug and play?

Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, NT 3.1, NT 3.5, NT 3.51, and Windows NT 4.Windows 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.1, NT 3.1, NT 3.5, NT 3.51, and Windows NT 4.

Is Microsoft Office 2000 compatible with Windows NT 3.51?

Windows NT 3.51 lacks the common controls of Windows NT 4 and Windows 95 (basic graphical elemnts of each window, like buttons and scrollbars). This is because it is designed to have the interface of Windows 3.1. Installing "newshell", an alpha version of the Windows NT 4 / Windows 95 interface, should provide the necessary components. The installer may do a version check to make sure you are running NT 4 or later, but I doubt it will.

What is the purpose of the network command when RIP is being configured as the routing protocol?

It identifies directly connected networks that will be included nt theRIP routing updates

Is there any internal connection between anus and vagina?

No, the anus and vagina are not connected at all.

What is NT in Windows NT?

New Technology

What are the Windows NT operating systems in order of release date?

NT 3.1 27 July 1993 NT 3.5 21 Sep 1994 NT 3.51 17 Feb 2000 NT 4.0 29 July 1996 NT 5.0 17 Feb 2000 NT 5.1 25 Oct 2001 NT 5.2 28 March 2003 NT 6.0 Jan 2007 NT 6.1 22 Oct 2009 These are all I know

WHY THERE is no sound on IBM t43 laptop?

There is - make sure you have installed the appropriate audio driver. Also, make sure the MUTE button (up by the ACCESS IBM blue button) has not been pressed.For Vista - Do a Windows Update from Microsoft.For Windows XP, 2000, and NT 4.0 ... download the required driver installations from Lenovo's Support website (see the related links).Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT 3.51 and OS2 are not supported.Ubuntu Linux supports sound on the T43 by default.

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