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How is RGB and CMYK related?

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RGB is color mode which is suitable for screen, CMYK for printing with process colors. In most cases to print image you will first work with it in RGB color mode because you are watching your work on screen then you will need to convert to CMYK. RGB model is created from 3 main colors Red, Green and Blue, CMYK color mode is created from 3 opposite colors to Red, Green and Blue and they are Cyan, Magenta and Yellow plus Black color Ink. You can manage colors in RGB mode by increasing or decreasing participation of Cyan, Magenta or Yellow which are opposite colors on color wheel. In Curves dialog you can increase participation of Red color for example but also decrease by increasing participation of Cyan (pull curve in opposite side).

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Which colour has the largest color gamut-rgb or cmyk?

RGB has a larger gamut than CMYK. In order from small to large: sRGB, AdobeRGB, ProPhoto RGB. The largest of the CMYK gamut is GRACoL.

Are chameleons RGB or CMYK?


What happens when you convert RGB to CMYK?

The underlying color model in Photoshop is neither RGB nor CMYK but LAB. It has the widest gamut, which means it can hold more color values than any other model. Of the two other models, RGB has more color values than CMYK does. When you convert from RGB to CMYK, the program first "maps" the RGB values into the LAB colorspace. It then maps the LAB values into the CMYK colorspace. Now, for REAL entertainment...take a pure RGB blue, or a pure RGB green, and attempt to map it into CMYK colorspace. It doesn't work at all. Red maps fine, but the other two go straight to hell.

What happens if a printer uses RGB cartridges instead of CMYK?

go buy RGB cartridges

What is an RGB document?

RGB is color model and is suitable for screen. All colors in RGB are made from 3 primary colors Red, Green and Blue. There are also other color models like CMYK which is suitable for print. You can convert RGB to CMYK and vice versa in Photoshop.

Should i use Rgb or cmyk for business card print?

Rgb images can be printed by the newer digital copy machines, but you may be surprised with the outcome. If you are offset printing the images must be in cmyk mode to print correctly.

What stands K in CMYK why we not use B?

K is used to represent Black in CMYK because B is already used for Blue in RGB.

Can photo shop elements 9 convert pictures from rgb to cmyk?

NO, you can only work in Adobe 1998 RGB and sRGB which is suitable for Internet

Can photoshop cs2 change rgb color to cmyk color?

ANSWER----Follow the instructions given blow to change RGB color to CMYK color in photo shop CS2 ---1) Open photo shop CS2 ---> 2) make a new document (or open the existing one) --->3) Go to Image ---> 4) Mode ---> 5) CMYK Color -------> Finishnow check your document, you will see your document color has been changed from RGB color to CMYK Color.... EndsSo enjoy with CMYK colorsHope it helpsCheers--------------------------------

What are some different types of color systems?

The following examples demonstrate possibilities of colour systems: RGB and CMYK. RGB is an additive system of red, green and blue, whereas CMYK is a subtractive system from cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Rgb cmyk hsl or pantone in a document?

If you're printing the image on your desktop printer, use RGB--those printers will convert anything else to RGB, then to CMYK. If you're printing it on a wide-format inkjet printer like a Roland, Mutoh or VUtek, or you're sending it to a printing plant to be printed on an offset or flexo press, use CMYK if you're not using spot colors, and Pantone for the spot colors.

I used Illustrator for a large format design when printed a proof in glossy paper the colors were not bright at all I used CMYK How can I get very bright colors?

ensure that you use the cmyk option from the start of your design, and that illustrator does not default to rgb. Try printing in rgb if the colors brighten up there is a good possibility you created the large format design in rgb. rgb for webstuff and cmky for printstuff from the very beginning!

Why does cmyk make the colors go dull?

well, let me try to explain the answer i am sure that you will reach to the answer... RGB and CMYK are different colour system. RGB Stands accordingly as Red, Green and Blue and CMYK stands accordingly as Cyan, Meganta, Yellow and Black. * RBG colour system is based on "The colour of light Rays" and * CMYK colour system is based on "The Reflection of light Rays" The Reflection of light is always dull than actual light so CMYK make the colors go dull.... -

What image modes have color gamuts larger than that of CMYK?

RGB is usually the best and has the widest variety of colors

How are rgb and cmyk alike?

They aren't - RGB (Red, Green, Blue) is a color format primarily used in computer and electronic applications, because computer screens use red, green and blue led's (or in older CRT's, dots) to formulate an image onscreen. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) is used in printed mediums. Since the 2 are different color profiles, work constructed on a computer must be converted to CMYK, along with using a proper color profile, to get a truer representation of what the finished product will look like in printed form. Without those tools, an image created in RGB won't look as intended when printed out in CMYK format. Printers connected to computers are often RGB format as well, though some can be purchased with CMYK cartridges. Color copiers usually have both formats that can be selected.

How do you convert Publisher document from RGB to CMYK?

go to Tools > Commercial Printing Tools > Color Printing... and select what you want.

What RAL color is pantone 355C?

RAL6024 rgb 0/149/52 CMYK 100/0/100/0

What is the PMS colors for the Google logo?

Primary Colors:BluePantone: C 300 U 3005CMYK C: 100 44 0 0CMYK U: 100 34 0 2Hex: 3369E8RGB: 51 105 232RedPantone: C 199 U 199CMYK: 0 100 62 0Hex: D50F25RGB: 213 15 37YellowPantone: C 123 U 109CMYK C: 0 24 94 0CMYK U: 0 16 100 0Hex: EEB211RGB: 238 178 17GreenPantone: C 362 U 362CMYK: 70 0 100 9Hex: 009925RGB: 0 153 37Secondary Colors:GrayPantone: C 403 U 403CMYK: 0 0 0 65Hex: 666666RGB: 102 102 102Source:

What is the RGB equivalent of Pantone color 19-2014 TPX?

19-2014 TPX is a "dark grayish rose" color. RGB Values are 96, 62, 79 RGB Hex is 603E4F RGB Percent is 37.6, 24.3, 31 CMYK simulation is 0, 35, 18, 62

Why should you use CMYK when working with information that will be printed?

Screens reproduce colors by mixing blue, green and red lights (RGB). Printers reproduce colors by mixing cyan, mangenta, yellow and black inks (CMYK).

Why are most monitors RGB when most printers are CMYK?

monitors are working with light, thus you use the additive RGB primaries.printers are working with dyes, thus you use the subtractive CMY primaries and black K.

How many colors of ink are used to print full color pictures?

It depends on the file's color mode (RGB or CMYK), and the output printer. Most computer monitors are RGB (Red, Green, and Blue) color based, as are the majority of printers used by most non-professional users. As such, the file you're working in should be RGB, and rendered/printed as RGB to ensure what you see on screen will look like what's printed on paper. Print publishing graphics have always used a 4 color process, CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). In addition to the file being CMYK, the output printer should also be CMYK. Many higher-end printers are now CMYK. Sharp's new Aquos Quattron monitor technology is a step toward finally making monitors 4 colors instead of the CRT based 3 colors they were originally designed to handle.

In which format should a file be sent to the printing company?

For web designs you would you an RGB color format. For things like poster printing you would use CMYK. Also CMYK is the typical printing process used for production.

Why isn't Photoshop color working?

I bet you have your default format set to bitmap or black and white. The format must be either RGB or CMYK.

What does cmyk stand for?

These are the colours used in printing: Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (Black) The colours used on your screen are RGB Red Green Blue