How is Rubbing alcohol bad for cat if licked?


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Rubbing alcohol is poisonous.


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Actually, this should be "The cat licked its fur". "It's" is a shortened version of "it is", so would not work correctly in this sentence. "Its" is usually used when something belongs to something else, like the fur belongs to the cat.

No, the cat will not die he has licked his flea collar. The flea collar is not toxic to cats only to fleas and ticks.

You can use Witch Hazel, it looks just like Rubbing Alcohol without the burn.

no it is not but its not a bad thing either. i have a cat that has licked her belly enough that her hair is gone almost completely but its not irrated at all she just does it normally (like cleaning the rest of its body)

i don't see why it would be- they don't have poison in their saliva. but, only way their saliva could get into your eye is if it licked your eye, which might hurt because cat tongues are rough. that's the only bad thing i can think of... weird question! lol

Its not very healthy because you never know what your cat has ate.

Something the cat ate maybe or rolled around in and then licked the fur. Hard to tell since you leave no details.

Bartonella henselae can infect people who are scratched or (more rarely) bitten or licked by a cat.

im not sure but she licked out my cat if that's any use?

Yes because it has all types of chemicals in it

because the cat licked the road and got a mental disease

the -drooling- dog licked the - running- cat. participles have - - around them

Have you tried rubbing cat urine on your face

no the cat not to close to the bad cat there is bad cat and goodcat so the good cat cannot be close to badcat

It usually is every cat has licked someone once in it's life. :)

Most likely yes. Most hand lotions contain numerous chemicals and perfumes, some contain rubbing alcohol too. If it is ingested, it may be toxic to the cat.

No, there is not, despite some less-than-reputable breeders advertising kittens as so. People aren't allergic to the cat themselves, but the cat's saliva, which is licked all over the cat after grooming.

The cat hid in the closet and licked itself vigorously after being thrown in the tub.

Its is often confused with the contraction it's. If you can substitute "it is" in the sentence, use it's. If not, use its. Example: The cat licked its fur.

the cat most likely has worms. dont worry, it harmless, but buy some anti-worming medicine for your cat.

"It's" means "it is" and "its" means "belonging to it" It's: That isn't mine, it's his. Its: The cat licked its paw.

Yes, voltaren is an NSAID and could be fatally toxic in cats. Get him to a vet asap!

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