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How is SJSU?

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Their engineering program is good, cuz states are always more practical. Moreover, sjsu is in the silicon valley, so the job marketing is pretty good.

Others are suck, if you plan to finish your school in 4 yrs, don't think about here,cuz now is hard to get class.

2010-09-03 10:10:28
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Q: How is SJSU?
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How many students attend sjsu?

about 29,076 students attend

What is the population at sjsu?

over 66 billion peoople at san Jose state university

Is an honors program offered at SJSU?

For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (College Board) indicated directly below this answer section.

Which california state universities have an actuary major?

CSU Long Beach is the only CSU with an actuarial major but other CSU's like SJSU and SFSU has applied mathematics as a major concentrating in actuarial science and economics.

What are some of the meal plans offered at San Jose State University?

At SJSU, you have the option of the Platinum Plan for $2050 per semester, or the Gold Plan for $1750 per semester.Platinum Planunlimited entry to the Dining Commons every day of the week5 guest meals$150 in extra dining pointsGold Planunlimited access to the Dining Commons five days a week (M-F)5 guest meals$100 in extra dining points

What GPA do you need for sjsu?

It used to be a 2.0 out of high school and you can get in. However, due to California's growing budget crisis, classes are losing the money and resources necessary to harbor many potenitally capable students throughout the state. It really depends on one's major but shooting for a 3.0 or something close to it will most likely land you a spot. It's getting pretty rediculous out there and the competition is growing with more Chinese and Indian students living in the US on a visa while getting an education then moving back to their homeland.