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Anne is the patron saint of Christian mothers and of women in labor.

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Q: How is Saint Anne a model for Christians today?
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What is Saint Anne most noted for?

In Biblical terms, when speaking of Saint Anne or Anna, a person would be referring to the mother of the Virgin Mary. As such, Christians regard Saint Anna as the grandmother of Jesus Christ.

Why is Saint Anne a good role model to her faith?

Saint Anne brought forth common hope; the germ of promise.

What does Saint Anne think young people can learn from her life and example?

Saint Anne has been dead for about 2000 years and we have no idea what she is thinking today.

Name 6 parishes that no longer exist in Jamaica today?

Saint johns,Saint David's,Vere, Saint Katherine,Saint Maries and Saint Anne

Is there a Saint Aine?

Aine is Irish for Anne, therefore there is a Saint Aine, Saint Anne.

What is Saint Anne Line the patron saint of?

Saint Anne Line is the patron saint of childless people. Saint Anne Line was born in 1567 and died on February 27, 1601.

What pope made St. Anne a saint?

Anne, the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, was declared a saint by the early Christians long before the canonization process was instituted. She was honored as a saint primarily by the eastern churches but her cultus extended to the whole Church in 1584 under Pope Gregory XIII.

Why is Saint Anne the patron saint of housewives?

Saint Anne was a wife, mother and housewife herself.

Why was Saint Anne Boleyn canonized a saint?

Anne Boleyn is not a canonized saint in the Catholic Church.

When was Saint Anne declared a saint?

Saint Anne was declared a saint in 1584. She is the grandmother of Jesus Christ as her daughter was Mary.

Who was Saint Anne's spouse?

Anne was married to Saint Joachim according to tradition.

Who did Saint Anne marry?

Tradition says that Anne married Saint Joachim.

When was Society of Saint Anne created?

Society of Saint Anne was created in 1969.

When was Saint Anne in Vatican created?

Saint Anne in Vatican was created in 1583.

When was Saint Anne School created?

Saint Anne School was created in 1894.

How old is Saint Anne?

If Anne were still alive today she would be about 2070 years old. Since we have no record of either her birth or her death, there is no precise answer to that question.

Is Annabel a saint's name?

The name derives from Anne or Anna which are saint names.

Who hung Saint Anne?

Nobody hung Saint Anne. She died a natural death.

What are some of Saint Anne's writings?

Saint Anne, the mother of the Blessed Virgin, was not a writer.

What is Saint Anne Line patron saint of?

Saint Anne Line is the patron saint of:-childless people-converts-widows

When was Saint Anne canonized?

St. Anne was always honored as a saint from the earliest days. However, in 1584, she was officially recognized as a saint by the Church.

Who is the patron saint of cleaning?

Saint Zita

Was there ever a Saint Anne of Denmark?

Not "of Denmark". There is a saint called Anne, but she's not particularily Danish.

What was the name of Saint Anne's husband?

Saint Joachim was Anne's husband according to Church tradition.

Is Hannah a Catholic saint?

Hannah is sometimes used interchangeably with Anne and, yes, there is a Saint Anne.