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Thanksgiving is looked at as a holiday to be celebrated for how thankful we should be.


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Thanksgiving is observed on the fourth Thursday of November.

Yes, Thanksgiving is observed in Florida.

No, a formal Thanksgiving holiday is not observed in the Philippines.

The second Monday of October is Columbus Day (US) and Thanksgiving (Canada).

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

Thursday. It is observed on the last Thursday in November.

you celebrate thanksgiving because its to celebrate how the pilgrims discovered something.

The first Thanksgiving was observed over a period of three days.

The national holiday that was first observed in Massachusetts is Thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated as a way to give thanks for the bountiful first harvest in the New World.

I'd like to know why Thanksgiving was moved from the 3rd Thursday of Nov to the 4th Thursday also

Thanksgiving is a US holiday. Samoans and other nations do not celebrate the US thanksgiving.

It is difficult to define a holiday or idea in denotative terms. The roots of Thanksgiving (US) come from religious beliefs and European traditions of giving thanks for a good harvest and upcoming year. When Thanksgiving was first established as a nationwide celebration in the US, President George Washington proclaimed it, ' a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God'. Based on these ideas, Thanksgiving is literally a day of giving thanks.

No. Thanksgiving Day and Days of Fasting were observed long before the establishment of any of our beloved United States. And then, only the thirteen original states would have observed this day. Other states followed suit accordingly. See link below:

Thanksgiving is not traditionally observed in India. The most similar holiday they have is Bonalu, a thanksgiving to the Goddess of Power, Mahakali. It takes place in July/August.

No thanksgiving will never be on November 21 because thanksgiving is observed on the fourth Thursday in November, whereas November 21 will always be the third week in the month.

Atually no it wasn't even in 1777 Thanksgiving was celebrated on a Thursday but that's also when Thanksgiving was on December 18 not November 25.

US Thanksgiving is in November because November is when the pilgrims harvested their crops and had the feast with the Indians which is the whole meaning of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday in the US.

In the United States, Thanksgiving is always observed on the 4th Thursday in November. It has been celebrated in America since the 17th century.

Thanksgiving is observed on the every fourth Thursday of November.

Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday in November in the U.S.

In the US, thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November. 2011 thanksgiving in the US will be on November 24th. In Canada, thanksgiving is celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October. 2011 thanksgiving in Canada will be on October 10th.

Thanksgiving, the same as it is called in the US.

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