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How is Turners Syndrome inherited?


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it is not inherited because a women with turners sydrome cannot have children so that means that its not inherited


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This is not a good question. The Turners Syndrome only occurs in women, and it is not inherited, because these women cannot have their own children. No causes have been discovered yet.

Most cases of down syndrome are not inherited. Translocation Down syndrome can be inherited.

Turner syndrome is a chromosomal disorder.

Turner syndrome can rarely be inherited

downs syndrome, klinefelters syndrome and turners syndrome are all examples of mutations

Males are not affected by Turners syndrome. This is a genetic disorder that affects women who do not have the normal two X chromosomes.

It is not inherited because it is impossible to have a baby if you have Klinefelter's Syndrome.

It depends on the type of Turner syndrome. There is one type in which all cells are affected, which is called classic Turners. The karyotype for classic Turners is 45x. There is another type in which not all cells are affected. This is called Mosaic Turners. The karyotype for Mosaic Turners is 45x/46xx.

It is not, the women affected by it cannot have their own children, so the syndrome is not inherited.

2% of unborn babies with Turners survive to birth. Babies with Turners who survive to birth live.

Lesh-Nyhan syndrome is inherited as a sex-linked recessive disorder.

Yes, because this syndrome is inherited.

Yes animals do sometimes have Turner's syndrome or Klinefelter's syndrome with similar characteristics as those observed in humans.

not a very bad (effective) symptom

No. Asperger's Syndrome is Inherited.

people (girls/women) with turner syndrome live as long as regular people do....turner syndrome does not affect life spancy

I don't believe that is inherited because it is a form of cancer. We all know cancer is not inherited.

inherited immunodeficiency syndromeacquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Down Syndrome is an inherited condition. You cannot "get" Down Syndrome, it isn't contagious. A person is born with it.

People with Turner Syndrome are open to there limitations. Apart from not being able to have children naturally; and having trouble reaching high things due to short stature, people with Turners do not generally have many limitations. Struggles with maths appear to be common in people with Turners and some also have trouble learning to drive. There are also people with Turners who do not have problems with maths however; and many, many women with Turners learn to drive.

An inherited disease is one the other person is passed on to you, like anemia or Down's syndrome.

Trisomy 21, trisomy, 18, trisomy, 13, Turners syndrome (XO), Klinefelter's syndrome, XYY sydrome, CML, XXYYYY syndrome, and other aneuploidies...

Do you mean how do doctors test for Turner syndrome? It is a blood test to find out about the person's chromosomes, to see if the person is missing the second X chromosome.

by parents or previous family members who had it

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