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Valentine's Day is celebrated in Asia, or more specifically Japan and Korea, as a day on which women, and less commonly men, give candy, chocolate or flowers to people they like. Those who work in offices end up giving chocolates to all their male co-workers. This chocolate is known as giri-choko in Japan, from the words giri ("obligation) and choko, a common short version of chokor累 meaning "chocolate". This contrasts with honmei-choko, which is given to a person someone loves or has a strong relationship with. Friends, especially girls, exchange chocolate that is referred to as tomo-choko tomo means "friend" in Japanese. White Day has emerged. On March 14, men are expected to return the favour to their true love with chocolates on Valentine's Day, but it was originally white chocolate or marshmallows; hence "White Day". Some Asian men have taken it further and lingerie has become a common gift. In Korea, there is an additional Black Day on April 14, and receive nothing from their true loves so the men sit around on Valentine's Day and eat Jajangmyun (Chinese-style noodles in black sauce). In South Korea, there is also Pepero Day, celebrated on November 11, during which young couples give each other romantic gifts. When it all comes out in the wash once again the Asian women get the worst of it. They not only have to buy for their lover, but also for all the men in the office where she works (at her own cost) and it can be extremely expensive, while the men only have to buy for his one true love.

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Where is Valentines Day not celebrated?

Asia that's it

What day is Valentine's Day celebrated in Japan?

Valentines day is celebrated on Feb. 5th

When is valentines celebrated?

Valentine's Day is celebrated February 14.

How is Valentine's Day celebrated to day?

Valentines day is celebrated on February 14 every year

What holiday is celebrated in February?

Valentines day

Who originally celebrated valentines day?

cupid ?!

What is celebrated on 14 feb?

Valentines day

What day is Valentines day celebrated in Japan?

February 5

What special day is celebrated on the 14 of February?

Valentines Day

According to mythology what was once celebrated on valentines day?

day of heart

What special day is celebrated on the 14th of February?

St Valentines day

When was Valentine's Day first celebrated?

Valentines Day started around 498 AD. it was celebrated in Rome.

Why is valitines day celebrated on febuary14?

Valentines Day is celebrated on the 14 of February because that is when St.Valentines was born

How is Valentine's Day celebrated in Ecuador?

Valentines day is celebrated in Ecuador the same way its celebrated in the U.S. Gifts, Roses, etc

When is valentines day celebrated?

FEB 14 every year

What is celebrated on February the 14 every year?

valentines day

What days are celebrated in feb?

feb. 14 valentines day

How long has Valentine's Day been celebrated?

valentines day has been celebrated for like hundreds of years ago

When is lesbians Valentine's Day?

Valentines day is a celebration of love between anyone. Valentines day is celebrated by lesbians at the same time as everyone else.

What is the simple subject in this statement Valentines Day may be celebrated for many more years?


When was Valentine's Day first celebrated around the world?

Valentines Day started around 498 AD. it was celebrated in Rome.

What is celebrated on 14 of February?

valentines dayChinese new year

What is celebrated each year on the 14 February?

Valentines day♥

Where is Valentine's Day celebrated?

Valentine's day can be celebrated all around the globe. Where exactly? Many of places. valentines day was first celebrated in 270A.D. The day st. valentine died.

When is Valentine's Day and why is it celebrated?

Valentines day is on February the 14th and is celebrated because a saint, named saint Valentine was in jail and while he was there he fell in love with the jailers daughter who was blind & on the day that he was suppose to be hanged, February the 14th, he sent one last love letter to the jailers daughter signed from your Valentines and that is why people write your valentines at the end of there cards and why its celebrated.