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Punnett squares are a model for what happens during meiosis because they are an easier way to show the events that occur at meiosis.

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During meiosis, the chromosomes segregate into gametes. The gamete of one parent combines with the gamete of another. A PS has all the possible gametes of both parents. One on the top and one going down the left. The squares are then filled with all the possible combinations.

So it shows all the possible products of meiosis for both parents, and then all of their possible combinations...

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It's not. Sorry. A punnett square is used to calculate the genotype of the offspring of two people/animals/plants/whatever using the parents' genotypes. meiosis is the reproductive cells splitting and copying themselves, so you couldn't use a punnett square.

The Punnett square is a diagram that is used to predict the outcome of a particular cross or breeding experiment.

A Punnett Square is not applied to the individual meiotic events


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Q: How is a Punnett square a model a model for what happens during meiosis?
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How does a Punnett square relate to what happens during meiosis?

It shows all possible combinations of genes that can result.

A punnett square is a shorthand way to show the events that occur during what?

meiosis exactly

How is the Punnett square a model for what happens during meiosis?

It shows the possible allele combinations after fertilisation. You can use the punnett square to show what will happen if one or both of the parents have genetic disorders/mutations, what features will be passed on to their kids, etc.

Who is reginald punnett?

The creator of the Punnett Square. He developed and invented the Punnett square..

A helpful device for predicting the ratios of possible genotypes is a?

the Punnett square

When did Reginald Punnett invent punnett squares?

Reginald Punnett did invent the Punnett square

What does a diagram look like that shows which type of chromosomes may cross over and exchange portions of their chromatids during meiosis?

Punnett Square? I honestly don't understand your question...not trying to be mean or anything.

Online Punnett Square Calculator?

It is not on-line. But you can check - Bifido Punnett Square Calculator

Where did the name of the Punnett square come from?

The person who invented punnett squares and further studied Mendel's theories was named Reginald Punnett. Therefore the punnett square was named after him.

What happens when 2 different allele s for the same trait are present?

if the two alleles are the same in the same box in the punnett square then that trait is expressed. when there is a double in a punnett square then that gene is always expressed

What goes on the inside of a Punnett Square?

as punnett square is used to assume the possibilities after reproduction,inside the punnett square the possibilities are stored and it is used to cross and then assume the results

What is the purpose of Punnett square and what are their limitations?

The purpose of the Punnett square is to predict a breeding experiment outcome. Genetic mutation can cause the Punnett square to return inaccurate results.

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