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the guardian should file to have the order transferred to them as well as file on the parent currently receiving it to also pay. Or the obligor parent should file for custody.

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Q: How is a child support given to guardian by parent receiving child support?
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Does a parent receiving child support get less many if she gets support from her other child's parent?

That should have no effect.

Do you still pay support to the custodial parent if your child has been taken away and placed in the care of a guardian?

In this case the other parent is no longer the custodial parent. If the child is now staying with another guardian, they are now considered the custodial guardian and child support should be paid to them.

How does guardianship affect child support?

In general, the parent or guardian with the most parenting time is eligible to receive child support from the non-custodial parent. You do not need to be the child's biological parent to receive child support.

Can a legal guardian sue parents of child for child support?

Yes. If the legal guardian has custody and is not the biological parent, the biological parents have to support their child and pay her for the child's expenses.

Can a guardian seek child support if the parent has signed over right to the child?


What if a child moves in with grandmother is child support still owed to mother?

No, child support is only owed to the custodial parent/guardian. If the grandmother has become the custodial guardian, child support will be owed to her, instead of the mother.

Can the guardian of a child stop child support?

No. The guardian of a minor child cannot "relieve" the parent of their child support obligation. That power is reserved for the courts. If the guardian doesn't need it to help support the child then it should be deposited into a trust with the child as the sole beneficiary at college time.

When a child lives with a guardian instead of either parent who is responsible for the child support?

Both parents

If a father was receiving child support in Texas and the child chooses to live with the other parent do you have to pay the other parent child support?

You must file to stop child support along with a change of custody.

Can a non biological parent sue a biological parent for child support?

If "non biological parent" means, unrelated but legal guardian of the child - yes.

Does a child get child support from a deceased parent?

A minor child can make a claim against their deceased parent's estate through a court appointed guardian.

The custodial parent is receiving social security for himself and for the two girls and now are receiving child support how does the child support affect the social security he is receiving?

As he's on SSD, none at all.

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