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The reason why a fern is different from a sunflower plant is:

The leaves of the fern don't need chlorophyll like the sunflower plant does.

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They are alike because they reproduce

different: hibiscus plant is a flowering plant but fern is not a flowering plant.

A fern is a plant - fungi are not plants - they're in their own group.

A pitcher plant is not a fern. It is a flowering plant.

A fern (the type of plant) in a plant pot.

sunflower plant (by the way its a orange tree.)

Nonflowering plants like fern have archegonium where as a flowering plant like Gumamela has an embryo sac.

what is inflorescense of sunflower

It is a plant by the name Bird Nest FERN (fern) is a plant thus it is NOT a carnivore.

Nope - a fern is a plant.

No, it is not. A fern is a plant.

A fern is a seedless vascular plant. OR NAH

There are many, many different species of ferns. They are even in several different genuses. Some ferns, such as the Hayscented Fern (Dennstaedtia punctilobula), do have an odor.

A vascular plant is a plant with roots and is very different from a nonvascular plant. An example of a vascular plant is a Fern. An example of a nonvascular plant is moss.They are different because a Fern contains vascular tissue that contains cells that store food, water, etc, and a nonvascular plant does not. A vascular plant is also a plant that has a flower at the tip of a stem that is part of the plant.

reproduction occurs in fern plant by producing spores

A sunflower is vascular plant. It uses vessels to transport nutrients and water to the rest of the plant.

Fern is seedless plant. It bears the spores. It is less evolved plant.

A fern is a plant with feathery fronds.

a fern is a type of a tree plant

A fern is a leafy plant and a toadstool is a mushroom.

The Sunflower is one of the most beautiful vascular plant.

The seed could be exposed to chemicals or radiation that could cause a mutation. Or the pollen from different types of sunflowers could pollinate different sunflower flowers. Sometimes a virus will mutate a flower.

Sunflower plant grow when the plant get proper sunlight, water and carbon dioxide. sunflower is not a more big.

No, they aren't nuts; sunflower seeds are the seeds of a sunflower plant.

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