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Identical twins come from a single fertilized ovum, and are always of the same sex. Fraternal twins come from separate ova, and may be of different sex. Its ferternal.
actualy, furturnal twins are normal. identical twins are rare. identical twins are twins that look axactly alike, and furturnal twins do not look the same.

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What happen if you had twin other twin smaller then then other twin?

that means they are not identical twins they are fraternal they each got different genes

How is a fraternal twin different than other twins?

Fraternal twins are different than other twins because they can be different genders. They also do not look just like one another. They are just like any brother and/or sister except that they born at the same time.

What are the chances of a fraternal twin having twins?

The chances of a fraternal twin having a fraternal with is 6 out of 20

Can twin fraternal girls be indentical?

No; if twins are fraternal then they can't be identical.

What are more rare fraternal or identical twins?

i say that identical twins are the least rare because like me a fraternal twin i only know 1 pair of fraternal twin.

How is a fraternal twin different then other twins?

A ferternel twin is were you and your twin dont look alike and during the growing process in the whom two eggs pass as two where when identicle twins are born the egg was split in half.

What is an Heteropaternal twin?

Two different males father fraternal twins. Google superfecundation.

What is a girl and boy twin called?

they are fraternal twins because they do not have the DNAfraternal.

Can one twin have Down syndrome?

For fraternal twins, yes.

What is your chances of having twins if you are a female fraternal one?

If You Are A Twin (Or Have Twins In Your Family): If you are a fraternal twin, you have a 1 in 17 Chance of having twins. If you are identical, it doesn't affect your chances, and they remain from 1 in anywhere from 38 - 90, depending on if fertility drugs are used or not. If your mother is a fraternal twin, you may have a higher than average chance of twins. If you father is a twin, it doesn't affect your chances, as fraternal twinning is apparently carried down the maternal line. If your husband is a twin or has twins in his family, it doesn't affect your chances of having twins. If you have a parent that is an identical twin, your chances of having twins yourself are the same as anyone else.

Is it more likey for a fraternal twin to give birth to a set of fraternal twins than to just one baby?

Clarification needed. More likely than what? - More likely that the twin will have twins than that the twin will have single children?

What is the probability of having twins if your dad is a fraternal twin and you are a identical twin and your moms dad is a fraternal twin?

The probability is the same as if you had no history of twins in your family. There is no genetic component with identical twins, it is just something that happens. Fraternal twins occur if a mother "drops" two eggs in one month. Your father being a fraternal twin does not make you "drop" more than one egg in a month and so does not increase your chances of having twins. Your maternal grandfather being a fraternal twin did not effect your mother's ability to drop more than one egg and so did not effect your ability to "drop" more than one egg and so does not increase your ability to have twins.

How is a fraternal twin different than the other twins?

There are two types of twins; fraternal and identical. Identical twins result from a single fertile egg splitting to produce two identical individuals. Fraternal twins simply mean that two eggs entered the womb and were simultaneously fertilized. This results in non-identical individuals who are about as similar as ordinary siblings. See related link to Wikipedia for more details.

Which is part of the process of forming fraternal twins?

Fraternal twins can occur when the mother's ovaries release two eggs at the same time instead of one. If the eggs are fertilized, then fraternal twin embryos will develop.

Fraternal and identical twins?

Fraternal twins are created when 2 separate eggs are fertilized. Identical twins are created when 1 fertilized egg splits into 2. It is impossible for one identical twin to be male and the other female. Identical twins are usually the ones that look exactly alike.

Do fraternal twins only run on mother's side?

Yes. Fraternal twins are due to two eggs being released. No - If they are on either side of the family, the incidence of twin pregnancy is increased, whether they run on the mum's side or the dad's side. And in addition to the above answer, fraternal (non-identical) twins are due to two different eggs being fertilised by two different sperm.

What is the probability of having twins if your husband is a twin?

Identical twins happen by chance only; 4 per 1000 births or 0.004 probability. Fraternal twin probability is increased only if it is on the mother's side; so this does you affect your circumstance (from what you have stated). The chance of fraternal twins is 1 in 60 or 0.017. So, your probability of identical twins is 0.004 and fraternal twins is 0.017 (BTW, I have triplets).

What are the chances of identical twins having twins themselves?

Women who are themselves fraternal twins have a 10% chance of producing twins, identical twin women have only a 0.6% probability of having a twin birth.

Why are twins different?

Twins will always have different personalities, no matter if they're identical or fraternal, just because everyone is different, even if you're a twin. Identical twins will look almost exactly the same, but will have slight differences (different birthmarks, etc.) because that's just how the egg grows. Fraternal twins will not look the same at all, because they come from 2 seperate eggs.

What is the difference between a identical twin and a fraternal twin?

Fraternal twins occur when two fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterine wall at the same time. When two eggs are independently fertilized by two different sperm cells, DZ twins result. The two eggs, or ova, form two zygotes, hence the terms zygotic and biovular.Identical twins occur when an egg splits into two; which makes them identical. Identical twins are not hereditary like fraternal twins can be. It is complete coincidence.

If the probability of getting identical is 0.004 while the probability of fraternal twins is 0.023 then what is the probability that a person chosen at random will not be a twin?

1- P(identical) - P(fraternal) =1-0.004-0.023 =0.973 The probability of being a identical or fraternal twin plus the probability of not being a twin has to add to 1. so 1- probability of being twins=probability of not being a twin ;-)

If the probability of getting identical twins is 0.004 while the probability of fraternal twins is 0.023 then what is the probability that a person chosen will be a twin?

P(twin)=P(identical)+P(fraternal) P(twin)=0.004 +0.023 P(twin)=0.027 [That's 27 out of 1,000 cases, or 54 persons out of 1027.]

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