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Generally how it is done depends on the piercer. Sometimes they will use a clamp and sometimes they will mark out and do the piercing free hand depending on what they are more comfortable with doing. There is a difference between the horizontal tongue piercing and a scoop tongue piercing. Horizontal goes straight through the sides of the tongue and a scoop piercing is more like a typical surface piercing (called a scoop because of the curved barbell used in the procedure) Basically the piercer will mark out the piercing and clamp it (optional) they will then pass the needle through the tongue or into the tongue and back out again in a curved motion for the scoop piercing, after the needle is through the jewelery will be threaded, balls tightened etc, all done. The jewelery that SHOULD be used for both the horizontal and scoop piercings is either a PTFE (a type of plastic) with either metal or PTFE balls. The only other option that will give best results is a Tygon (another type of plastic, generally better for movement but needs replacing regularly) and again either metal or PTFE balls. If the piercer says "YES" to this piercing but offers a STAINLESS STEEL or TITANIUM barbell you should find someone else to do this piercing as it is probable that they have either not done this piercing before and dont have the right skill set and there are a lot of unnecessary complications that can come from metal bars through the tongue ie. speech impediment, difficulties eating, chewing, swallowing etc. There is a lot of factors to consider about this piercing, do not jump into something like this without reading up on it a fair amount first.


Hi :) sorry but just fort i shud let you know,

Mine was marked out && clamped i have a PTFE bar With metal balls. Eating is a aweful. My piercer had never done this piercing before but i totally trusted her && went ahead with it anyway :) if youu really want it GO 4 IT !! x


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This piercing is done by a professional body piercer and the jewellery is sized for the individual client being pierced. WikiAnswers will not provide how to information that can lead to personal injury.

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