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== == Was it admitted on the application? If yes, no problem. If not admitted - check this link for more information on witholding material facts, recission,

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Q: How is a life insurance policy affected by a history of mental illness?
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Who had the first mental illness?

Mental illness predates recorded history.

How is mental illness factored in the gay community?

mental illness has no correlation to sexual orientation. The gay community is affected by mental illness in the same way that the straight community is.

Who else Apart from the individual with the mental illness is affected by the illness?

Mental illness affects not only the individual with the illness, but also the individual's family, friends and those in their social circle.

Can you collect unemployment if you were fired at a time of mental illness?

If you were fired because of mental illness, then you should collect disability insurance, rather than unemployment insurance, and it lasts much longer.

How beethoven's mental illness affected his life?

He never had a mental illness. He gradually got hard of hearing till he went totally deaf.

Who may be vulnerable to mental illness?

People who have expirienced alot of emotional stress. or have a family history of mental illness. But everyone is

What is pre-existing condition mental illness?

It means a person has a mental illness already prior to applying for insurance coverage. Pre-existing has to be "known". 4ligeguild

Who is at risk of depression?

People whose family has a history of mental illness.

Can you collect disability if your being treated for a mental illness and cannot work?

Well, it sounds crass, but it depends on the severity of mental illness, the history, the past treatment(s), and future prognosis. Not everyone with a mental illness gets approved---even with severe problems.

Is homosexuality a mental illness?

no it isn't a mental illness

Who are affected of mental illness?

All kinds of people. Xweetox Girl 5/03/09

Does being crazy run in the family?

It depends on the family history and the type of mental illness that you are talking about. Some kinds of mental illness do run in the family and others happen on their own.

What has the author Robert Viau written?

Robert Viau has written: 'Les fous de papier' -- subject(s): Mental illness, History and criticism, Literature and mental illness, French-Canadian fiction, History

Is animal hoarding a mental illness?

More accurately it is a sign or symptom of mental illness than a mental illness itself

Is ADHD a mental or physical illness?

ADHD is classified as a mental illness; it is not a physical illness.

Are there any negative stereotypes about people affected by mental illness?

Yes there are. Most people who hold these negative stereotypes think of mental illness as something a cry for attention or something that someone can just decide to "get over." Real mental illness is of course not something that is easily to overcome and is far from a cry of attention.

What is an open plea with mental illness?

not guilty by reason of mental illness

How do you get permanent relief from sinusitis caused by mental illness?

Sinusitis is not caused by mental illness. Mental illness can be caused by sinusitis infection.

Does sugar cause mental illness?

Yes, sugar causes mental illness.

When was The Myth of Mental Illness created?

The Myth of Mental Illness was created in 1961.

When was Rethink Mental Illness created?

Rethink Mental Illness was created in 1972.

Which is the best book to understand mental health?

The best book to understand mental health is A Legacy of Madness: Recovering My Family From Generations of Mental Illness by Tom Davis. The book outlines the history of mental illness and how it affected Davis's family from the Civil War on. As former First Lady Rosalynn Carter said: "A Legacy of Madness breaks down the barriers of silence that shroud mental illnesses within families for generations ... By sharing the story of his family history and his own personal journey, Tom Davis provides hope and inspiration to others."

How was mental illness treated in 1800s?

check wikipedia it gives history on it like which honts and stuff

Could a father get custody of his child if there is a history of mental illness in his family?

Yes. The custody of a child is determined by the best interest of the child. If the court determines that the father is better for the child, he can get custody. Mental illness in his family would probably not even be relevant unless he has mental illness, or if a mentally ill relative lived with him.

What is the definition of mental illness?

Illness means a condition where the body is not well. Mental illness is a condition where the mind is not well. Generally, mental illness refers to some sort of condition that is long-term, or chronic. For example, grief is not a mental illness, even though it does make you miserable. Depression would be a mental illness because it is a long-term feeling of being miserable.