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Q: How is a pill bug life?
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How do you spell pill bug?

Pill Bug

What are the pill bugs called in A Bug's Life?

Tuck and Roll

Is a pill bug an insect?

The pill bug is not an insect, it is actually one of the only terrestrial crustaceans.AnswerThe pill bug is not an insect, it is actually one of the only terrestrial crustaceans. AnswerThe pill bug is not an insect, it's just repetitive.

Is a pill bug a herbivore?


What does a pill bug eat?


What order is the pill bug in?


Where can you find a blue pill bug?

Generally speaking, anywhere pill bugs are normally found. Blue pill bugs are not a different species from ordinary brown ones. Rather, they are simply ordinary pill bugs that are infected with iridiovirus. So, in effect, a blue pill bug is a sick pill bug.

How many eggs can a pill bug lay?

about 1000 in its life time. God is amazing how he designs things!

How many legs does a pill bug have?

A pill bug is an isopod with 7 legs on each side so 14 together

What does a pill bug habitat look like?

A pill bug is a wood louse, they live in forests under the leaves, and in backyards

How can you tell a male pill bug from a female pill bug?

you usually have to have a low powered microscope or a really good magnify glass.

Can you give me the names of any bug that begins with the letter P?

Pill Bug

Do female pill bugs have to have a male pill bug to have a baby?


The scientific name of a pill bug?

A Woodlouse

Does Frog eat a pill bug?


Does the pill bug have predators?

Big Pharma.

What domain is a pill bug?

Scientific classificationKingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ArthropodaSubphylum:CrustaceaClass:MalacostracaOrder:IsopodaSuborder:OniscideaFamily:Armadillidiidae

What do you do if your pill bug is pregnant?

That choice is your choice. You can release the pill bug, you can keep it and raise its babies, or you can keep yours and release the babies. If you want to keep your pill bug than just raise it like it was a normal pill bug. Do the same with the babies. That is, if you want to keep them. Just relax. It is your own choice any way you go will do.

What happens when you give a pill bug soda?

If you give a pill bug soda it will most likely explode due to all the gas inside of it.

What eats a pill bug?

Some people in Mexico (Mexicans) eat pill bugs.

What is a pill-bug egg look like?

A pill-bug egg usually appears as a yellow, spherical grain on the ventral side (under side) of a female. It appears as though the pill bug got a small yellow grain caught inside it.

Why are pill bug antennae used for?

to feel the way.

What does pill bug eat?

Decayed plant matter

What is Armadillidium vulgare?

rollie-pollie, pill bug.

How many body parts does a pill bug have?