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How is a positive ion formed?

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By losing one or more electrons

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Is a positive ion is formed by gaining electrons?

Typically, a negative ion is formed by gaining electrons. This is because electrons hvae a negative charge. An example of a case where a positive ion can be formed by gaining an electron is when an ion with a charge of +2 can gain 1 electron and become +1. Technically in this case, a positive ion was formed when an electron was gained but the trend was that the ion became more negative not positive.

When is a positive ion form?

A positive ion is formed when an atom loses one or more then electrons.

What ion is formed when water and positive hydrogen ion combine?

The ion hydronium is (H3O)+.

The ion formed when water and a positive hydrogen ion combine?


Why the radius of an atom larger than the radius a positive ion formed from it?

The positive ion lost an electron.

Formed from a positive ion from a base and a negative ion from an acid?

weak base

How are negative and positive ions made?

A negative ion (anion) is formed after gain of electrons in the atom.A positive ion (cation) is formed after loss of electrons from the atom.

How can you find the type of ion formed?

If the atom has lost electrons then it would have formed a positive ion, if it has gained electrons it would be a negative ion.

If an atom loses electrons what is formed?

positive ion

How does an atom become a positive ion?

To make an atom into a positive or negative ion, it loses or gains any number of electrons.Positive ions or cations are formed when atoms lose electronsNegative ion or anions are formed when atoms gain electrons

What is an positive ion?

If an atom gives one or more electrons as a result positive ion is formed. The reason is that an electron is negatively charged and normally an atom is neutral. if it gives electrons then positive ion is formed which is more likely to take electron to become neutral.

What is a compound formed in solution from the negative ion of an acid and the positive ion of a base?

It would be a SALT

What type of ion is formed when an atom loses electrons?

A positive ion is formed when atoms lose electrons. When a cell gains an electron it becomes negative

What type of ion forms when atoms lose an electron?

A cation i.e positive ion is formed when atoms loses an electron. As no. of proton and electron are equal in neutral atom. As electron is removed the proton becomes greater in no. So a positive ion is formed.

What are the charges for an ion formed from elements?

Either positive or negative for an ion, or neutral for a "free radical" or other molecule.

Sketch how both positive and negative ions are formed?

A negative ion (anion) is the result of gaining electrons. A positive ion (cation) is the result of losing electrons.

An ionbis formed when an atom?

An ion is formed when an atom gains or loses an electron in bonding with another atom, causing the atom to become a positive or negative ion.

Are negative ions formed by atoms losing electrons?

no it forms a positive ion

What type of ion is formed from a neutral atom when it loses electrons?

When a neutral atom loses electrons, it forms an ion with a positive charge. The atom has more protons than electrons which causes the positive charge. A cation is an ion with a positive charge.

Types of compounds?

There are ionic compounds which is a compound formed by a positive metal ion and a negative nonmetal ion. And there are convalent compounds which is a compound formed in which atoms share electrons.

What is formed when the first ionization energy is applied to an aton?

A positive ion with a single charge and a "free" electron are formed.

What is the ion formed when a metal loses 1 or more electrons?

An ion with missing electrons, and thus a positive charge, is a cation.

Calcium and Bromine have formed a bond Leading up to this calcium gave up electrons It was a negative ion shared ion positive ion neutral atom?

a negative ion

What if the number of protons and electrons are not equal?

An ion is formed. A positive ion if there are fewer electrons than protons. A negative ion if there are more electrons than protons.

What is a bond formed when a positive ion and a negative ion join together?

An ionic bond. The ions form a lattice of positive and negative ions which is overall charge neutral, the charges balance out.