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I am a Hybrid technician, so I guess I can offer some input here. The question is a little strange to me, because most people ask the opposite, How is a Hybrid better than a regular car? Anyway, there are some issues to owning a hybrid that must be taken into consideration. Right now the cost of a hybrid is prohibitive. There was a study done recently by a consumer group, that calculated that in order for the hybrid to economically be feasible, gas would need to reach close to $9/gal. I don't know if that's true, but hybrids generally are more expensive than the same car in the regular gas model. Another issue is serviceability. Some shops are even afraid to change the oil on a hybrid, and honestly some shops shouldn't. While the gasoline engine part of a hybrid is the same as always, the electrical is completely different, with some areas containing voltages in the range of as much as 500 volts! Interestingly, the transmission is also part of the hybrid system, and contains high voltage. These high voltages are also a concern of rescue workers in the event of an accident. They are concerned about cutting open a vehicle to save someone, if there is a danger that the rescuer may be electrocuted. Another factor to consider is that once a hybrid is out of warranty, what will it cost to repair it? The high voltage battery, located in the rear, on a hybrid can cost over $1000.00, and requires a fork lift to remove and install. So I guess the four main areas of concern surrounding a hybrid is the initial cost, serviceability, and safety in the event of an accident, and cost of repair.

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Q: How is a regular car better than a hybrid car?
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Why is it better to buy a hybrid car than a regular car?

There are many reasons why hybrid cars are better than regular cars. One reason is that hybrid cars get better gas mileage than regular vehicles. Another reason is that hybrid cars help protect the environment.

How is a hybrid better than a regular car?

Hybrids are more enviromental healthy....I think.

What is the difference between hybrid and regular cars?

A regular car is a car than rans on gasoline. But a hybrid car is a car that rans on gasoline and battery.

How efficient is hybrid car fuel?

Hybrid cars get better gas mileage than regular cars. Also, the great thing about the hybrid car is that you do not necessarily need to use fuel to drive a hybrid car, which will help you save money on gas.

How is a hybrid car better than a regular car?

They are far from "better" in some areas. They do save about 10% on gas over a similar sized auto. They are not cheaper to operate.

What makes a hybrid better than an electric car?

If you are looking for more information on what makes a hybrid better than an electric car, the best place to look for your information is on

Are hybrid cars better than a non hybrid car?

It depends what you mean by better. Performance wise, certainly not. Fuel economy, slightly so. Price, no.

What is the different between hybrid car and car?

The difference is that a hybrid car has an engine that can run on gasoline OR the battery. The regular car only runs on gas.

What is a hybrid car what kind of gas do they use?

A hybrid car is a car that runs on battery and gas. It uses standard unleaded regular gas.

Ease of caring for a hybrid car engine?

Hybrid cars are actually no harder to maintain than a regular car. Everything is about the same. The only difference is you will be making trips to change your oil less often, which I am sure you will love.

Is a hybrid better than a hydrogen powered car?

it depend on what is your stand point. if you are upper class , hydrogen is the solution, anything lower, hybrid. Hydrogens cost anywhere from $60,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the car.

What type of fuel should be used in a hybrid car?

This depends in the make of the hybrid car, but generally you can use regular unleaded fuel in your hybrid car without having an issue with your car. It is best to consult the deal about fuel before making a purchase.

How much power does a hybrid car have, and what is it compared to a regular car?

Some hybrid cars have just as much power as regular cars. They use gasoline for power when it is needed, or the electric component can produce enough power.

How are a hybrid and a regular gas car alike?

They both use gasoline as fuel.

What is the difference between a hybrid crossover and a regular hybrid car?

Hybrid "crossover" refers to a vehicle that is larger than a standard sedan, but smaller than a full size Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Other than that, they are the same, they use a combination of electric and gas motors to bring about fuel efficiency.

Benefits of Hybrid Diesel?

If you thought a hybrid car was a good deal, think again. A hybrid diesel will get you better mileage than a traditional gasoline engine. Diesel engines and diesel gasoline gets better fuel economy and diesel engines last longer too. What can be better than that? Choosing a hybrid diesel vehicle will get you the ultimate fuel economy while saving you the most money.

Are the cost of hybrid cars better than electric and conventional cars in all situations?

The cost of a hybrid car is about 30% more than a conventional vehicle. Please see the following for additional information: -

I was wondering how the fuel economy was on the bmw hybrid car?

The X6 hybrid (and SUV) gets around 19 MPG and the ActiveHybrid 7 (a sedan) gets about 20 MPG. That is a lot lower than most hybrid cars. That is a lot lower than a lot of regular gas cars.

What are some things I should be concerned about when looking for a hybrid mini-van?

Other than the fact that you'll get better MPG with a hybrid, I don't think there is that much of a difference. They're not more expensive to repair than a regular car. If you do have concerns, I suggest asking a salesman. Here is an article on the Toyota Sienna hybrid, one of the most popular hybrid mini vans:

Do shiny car covers better than regular car covers?

its the same. think! gosh! love u ppl!

Are hybrid cars more fuel efficient?

It depends on the type of Hybrid. A Hybrid HUMVEE for example still gets poor gas milage compared to a regular non-hybrid Honda Civic. However, a hybrid version of ANY car will be more fuel efficient than their non-hybrid types. It just depends on each individual car's ability.

Is a microfiber sponge better at washing a car than a regular sponge?

Microfiber is generally a better option but are more expensive and aren't quite as durable as a regular sponge.

What regular maintenance does a hybrid car need?

The maintenance for hybrid is cars is similar to regular gasoline cars. You still need to do regular oil changes, but these can be done at larger intervals. Generally, hybrid cars require less maintenance, but make sure to check electric cords and connections

What is the definition of hybrid car?

Hybrid car use more than one type of fuel to operate, namely gasoline and electricity.

How do hybrid SUVs compare to other vehicles when it comes to fuel efficiency?

Hybrid SUVs get better gas milage than a normal SUV but much less than a hybrid car. But it is also going to depend on weather you are looking at a large SUV or a mid size SUV.