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Q: How is a tarantula adapted to survive in the desert?
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Why some plants can survive in desert?

Plants better adapted to conserve water survive in desert.

Why can't animals survive in the desert?

There are thousands of animal species that survive in the desert. They have adapted to live in an arid climate with little water.There are thousands of animal species that survive in the desert. They have adapted to live in an arid climate with little water.

What will happen to animals and plants if they are not adapted to the desert?

Organisms that are not adapted to living in a desert will probably not survive for long and die.

How do snakes survive in the desert?

Because they adapted to their surroundings.

How is a mesquite bush adapted to survive in the desert?

I don't have a clue

Why are animals and plants adapted to the desert?

Why? If the plants and animals do not adapt, they do not survive.

How does a Desert rat survive in a desert habit?

These rats can survive because of moisture. They burrow to keep out of the hottest part of the day. They are adapted to survive on a very meagre, low nutrition diet.

Do desert animals need water to survive?

Yes, they all do eventually. Some desert animals are better adapted to survive long periods without water.

Can a fern survive in the desert?

Yes, there are a few species of ferns that have adapted to living in the desert. See the link below.

Do rhinos live in the desert?

Most rhinos do not live in the desert. A few species of rhinos however have adapted to survive in desert-like conditions.

How is a camel adapted to survive in a desert?

A camel is adapted to survive in the desert due to its humps. The humps are fat and water storage, allowing them to go a long time without food or water. FUN FACT: A rat can survive longer than a camel without water.

Organisms that live in the desert are adapted to survive a lack of water and?

Extreme temperatures

How the African Welwitchsia has adapted to the desert?

because of it long roots, it can get water and survive from that.

How does the desert fox survive in the desert?

Desert foxes have fur that blends in with the sand found in the desert. They have also adapted to only need a small amount of water each day.

Can polar bears survive in a desert?

No because they have already adapted to coldness, and when their born they automatically adapt to it.

How does a Gila Monster survive in the desert?

I adapted becaus eit like to make burrows in the sand

How is a Welwitschia plant adapted to survive in the desert?

it does this by saving all its water it has collected in its storage roots

Few plants can survive in a desert because?

Desert plants have adapted to the extremes of heat and aridity by using both physical and behavioral mechanisms.

What are two organisms in the desert biome that show mutualism?

Two organisms in the desert biome that show mutualism are the cactus and the tarantula spider. The Tarantula spider lays eggs inside the cactus and when they hatch, they have both a food source and water, but the cactus will still survive and keep on thriving after the spiders are gone.

What environment does a tarantula live in?

A tarantula live in dry places such as the desert

What plants thrive in the desert?

Very few plants thrive in the desert but some , such as cacti and some other succulants have adapted though evolution to survive.

Are there desert fish?

Yes, there are some species of fish that survive in the desert. Most of them are minnows that are adapted to very warm water with high mineral content.

Which term describes a desert plant?

A xerophyte is a species of plant that has adapted to survive in an environment with little water, such as a desert.

How is the cactus plant adapted to survive long dry periods in a desert?

Its stem swell to conserve water.

What is the ecosystem of the tarantula?

The tarantula effects the desert by keeping down the rodent population