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How is an airplane propeller made?

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A propeller is a very complex airfoil, and its pitch (the "slant" of the blade) is not the same throughout its length. Think about it. The tips are moving very fast (many feet per minute) through the air compared to the parts of the blade near the center or hub. We want to force developed by the blade to be "somewhat the same" along its length, with a bit more near the hub where it's stronger. Use the link below to see how a three-bladed, variable pitch design is manufactured. Be sure to let the first few seconds of "other stuff" go by before the start of the segment on the manufacture of the propeller, okay? And while you're at that site, look at the other related video clips listed on the right. It's really interesting stuff!

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What is a propeller airplane?

A propeller airplane is, simply put, any airplane which uses a propeller for propulsion.

What propels an airplane or ship?

A ship is propelled by wind or a propeller, and an airplane is propelled by a jet engine, propeller or turboprop.

When was the first propeller plane made?

The Wright Brothers flew the first successful airplane in December 17, 1903. It was a propeller driven plane.

Propeller to airplane?

Pedal : Bicycle

How did the wright brothers airplane work?

the wind pushed the propeller and it made the whole thing fly

Can you attach a propeller to a paper airplane?

yes, but not too powerful, or the plane will spin with the propeller

What turns the propeller of an airplane?

some thing

Who invented airplane propeller?

The Wright Brothers. === ===

What type of enjoin does a early airplane have?


What does a propeller do on a turboprop airplane engine?

The propeller on a turboprop airplane engine spins to move the aircraft through the air. It acts in a way similar to that of the blade in a fan.

How can you slow down your RC airplane?

smaller propeller

How do you remove an airplane propeller?

you take it off the shaft

Does an airplane have a propeller?

Yes, some airplanes have propellers.

How does a propeller move an airplane?

The propeller turns many revolutions per minute and deflects air behind it .

Is pilot or propeller part of an airplane?

The PILOT is considered part of the CREW. The PROPELLER is a part of the actual aircraft.

What does a propeller do for an airplane?

The propellor basically propels the aircraft. without it the airplane wouldn't go anywhere.

How does the airplane propeller work?

The curved shape of the propeller deflects airflow to it's rear. This is 'thrust' that propels an aircraft.

Does every airplane have a propeller?

No both jets and gliders do not have propellers

Can an airplane fly with one wing and a propeller?

Usually not, but it would depend on the airplane, the pilot, and what you mean by "fly".

What airplane has three propeller engines one on the tail?

None in production.

What song does a propeller airplane make?

They do NOT sing: properly tuned, they hum.

How can an electron cloud be compared with a spinning airplane propeller?

They both exist.

Why propeller shaft of a vechile is made hollow?

why propeller shaft are made hollow

What type of propeller used on 757 Boeing?

The 757 is a jet airplane. It does not have propellors.

The moving blades of an airplane propeller provide an analogy for the electron?

Cloud Model