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In an integrated circuit, electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, and transistors are formed directly onto the surface of a silicon crystal. The process of manufacturing an integrated circuit will make more sense if one first understands some of the basics of how these components are formed.

Even before the first IC was developed, it was known that common electronic components could be made from silicon. The question was how to make them, and the connecting circuits, from the same piece of silicon? The solution was to alter, the chemical composition of tiny areas on the silicon crystal surface by adding other chemicals, called dopants. Some dopants bond with the silicon to produce regions where the dopant atoms have one electron they can give up. These are called N regions. Other dopants bond with the silicon to produce regions where the dopant atoms have room to take one electron. These are called P regions. When a P region touches an N region, the boundary between them is referred to . This boundary is only 0.000004 inches (0.0001 cm) wide, but is crucial to the operation of integrated circuit components.

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Q: How is an integrated circuit manufactured?
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What is AMD platform?

A computing system incorporating an integrated circuit computer chip manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices.

What does pin 1 do in an integrated circuit?

That will depend on the integrated circuit.

Is capacitor a part of integrated circuit?

A small capacitor can be part of an integrated circuit.

What is difference between an integrated circuit and differential circuit?

An integrated circuit is any circuit that is integrated into a single chip. A differential (amplifier?) circuit is a specific type of circuit, which can be built from discrete parts, but is often built into (analog) integrated circuits (ICs) as a fundamental component of the IC.

What is technical difference between integrated circuit and microprocessor?

a microprocessor is a type of integrated circuit, but all integrated circuits are not microprocessors.

Ano ang integrated circuit sa tagalog?

tagalog sa integrated circuit

Why is integrated circuit called integrated circuit?

because it is situated on the silicon board with resistors ,transistors and wires.These three things organize electrical circuit.Integrated = mixed or combined (same usage as "integrated school" in civil rights).Circuit = electronic circuit.Integrated Circuit = combination of a variety of components into one inseparable circuit.There are 2 types of integrated circuits:Hybrid integrated circuit = ceramic printed circuit board with ultra-miniaturized components soldered to the padsMonolithic integrated circuit = one piece (i.e., single stone) circuit made of silicon (or other semiconductor crystal) with all the different types of components part of that crystal (and layers of metal plated on it to connect components)

How are integrated circuits manufactured?

to understand how integrated circuits work, you must you must know very well about the term "integrated" and the term"circuit". and what the two simply means is circuits joined together. and this compatibility is made possible by semiconductors and with an enhanced technical skill.

Who invented the integrated circuit?

Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce are credited as co-inventors of the integrated circuit.

Who invented the first integrated circuit Intel 4001?

The Intel 4001 was not the first integrated circuit, that came 11 years earlier. Intel did not even exist when the first integrated circuit was made.

What component can replace entire circuit?

Integrated circuit

Do the integrated circuit and the microchip go together?

An integrated circuit can be either monolithic (all on one piece of semiconductor) or hybrid (several separate components attached to a tiny ceramic circuit board). A microchip is another name for a monolithic integrated circuit.

What is the integrated circuit about?

Integrated circuit also called as chips or microchips is a miniaturized electronic circuit made in a thin substrate of semiconductor materials. It consists mainly of semiconductors and passive components of the circuit.

What is the difference between a circuit board and a integrated circuit?

A circuit board has several components soldered to it, some of these components may be integrated circuits.The circuit board may be changed or rewired by hand, an integrated circuit cannot normally be changed or rewired (except for some Programable Logic Device integrated circuits, which can be changed electronically).A circuit board is typically made of fiberglass-epoxy or paper-epoxy with copper traces connecting the components, a monolithic integrated circuit is made of a semiconductor (e.g. silicon, gallium arsenide) typically with aluminum traces connecting the components, a hybrid integrated circuit is typically made of ceramic.

When was the the integrated circuit invented?


What is abbreviation of IC?

Integrated Circuit.

Disadvantage of integrated circuit?

If one component in an integrated fails, then the whole circuit has to be replaced. They also have limited capacitance. They are not flexible either,

What does Ic mean?

IC, when refering to electrical components stands for Integrated Circuit. For example: ICB = Integrated Circuit Board. Thx.

Is IC 1 LM3915 a microcontroller?

No. The prefix LM indicates a linear (aka analog) integrated circuit, not a digital integrated circuit.

In what year was the intergrated circuit developed?

in what year was the integrated circuit developed?

What is the name of a complete circuit on a piece of semiconductor material?

Integrated Circuit

Integrated circuit is digital or analog?

An IC can be either an analog device or a digital device. Today, in early 2014, I think it's accurate to say that the vast majority of integrated circuits being manufactured and installed in electronic things now are digital.

What is the voltage power and current rating of an integrated circuit?

What is the voltage and current of an integrated cicuit

What is the other name of integrated chip?

Silicon chip, micro-chip, integrated circuit

How does the resistors work in a integrated circuit?

A resistor implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. It works in an integrated circuit by reducing current flow, and to lower voltage levels within circuits.