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Being in water means that there is very little gravity, just like space. For example, if you stood in a pool and lifted your legs up, you could stay there for much longer than if you did out of water. In space there is no gravity and so by being in water, which has very little gravity, it has the same affect as being in space.

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How could working under water help astronauts practice being in space?

weightlessness helped astronauts practice being in space.

How hot are dwarf planets?

Not to hot at all as they have no atmosphere to retain heat. It would be like being the vacuum of space. In fact, it actually is exactly like being in the vacuum of space!

What is it like being in space?

You are all wobbling and feel weightless.

What does water look like in space?

It looks like a sad deep emotion.

Do turtles like big space?

Yes, they need space. Also some water and grass.

How do you get claustrophobia?

its when you are afraid of small spaces and cant breath in that space. Or The fear of being in an enclosed space. Like an elevator or a closet. You might feel like you will die or like you can't breathe when in a small space.

He wants space?

Give him his space but at the same time let him know you are there for him. But if he is like give me space and being a punk then that's a different story.

Do ferrets like being in water?

No. Ferrets are exactly like cats. They hate water.

How do astronauts train for being in space?

They train in a 600 gallon tank of water in real space suits, to achieve the feeling of weightlessness.

How do they use water in space?

There is not water in space!

How is the elephant endangerd?

They are endangered for.That I know of that they are being killed for the tucks and because they do no have as much space space like they use to.

What animals do not like being in water?


How do environment affect human being?

you need space food and water to live if you dont well...

What is the difference between a space station and the space shuttle?

A Space Station monitors the Space Shuttle being launched into space and so forth. And a Space Shuttle, is like a rocket they send into space. So the difference is a space shuttle is a rocket, and a space station is a building.

Why don't cats like water or water taps?

It's not true that cats don't like water. They just don't like being forced into it.

Why are the telescopes in space like the Hubble telescope even better?

Because there is no air or water vapor to obscure the stars when you are in space.

Does liquid occupies space?

Yes it does... Like when u pour a cup of water into a jar it would occupy the space in it =3

Will a drum set work well in space?

A drum set will not work well in space. This is because in space there is no air or water. Sound requires some form of medium like water or air to travel through.

Do mice like water?

mice do like water - well they like drinking it... some mice will not like being bathed others may.

When was the first space flight?

The first space flight was in 1981, Columbia was the first to make a space flight. The shuttle was a masterpiece of engineering. After being launched into space it could be flown like a plane.

Are there space clouds?

no if there is not water in space there are no clouds in space because clouds consist of water

Is space have an ending?

It actually does. But from my beliefs space that holds our planets and stars etc actually is like a fish tank and we are apart of molecules. An untouched tank of water never moves but can evaporate except space isn't water

Fearful of being in a confined space or tight space?

The fear of being in a confined or tight space is claustrophobia.

How do astronauts train to go into space?

the space center they work for builds different simulations to simulate being in space like a swimming pool to help simulate zero garvity

Why casserole cover gets lifted when the food being cooked is boiling?

The cover is lifted when the food is being boiled is due to the water evaporating and turning into gas. When water is evaporated into gas the gas requires more space than the water which increases pressure. This forces the container to open to increase the gases' available space.