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How is chemistry related to technology?

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All technological innovation requires chemistry, in understanding how chemicals and compounds will work together within a product to create the best experience and not destroy anything in the process. In turn, chemists can use this created technology in their labs to help with data collection and analysis, which increases productivity and flexibility in experimentation. This new flexibility allows for more to be discovered, and for more technology to be created with this new information.

And without CHEMISTRY there would ne no TECHNOLOGY at all.

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Chemistry related with technology?

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How chemistry differ from chemical technology?

Chemistry is the science of matter. chemical technology is the application of chemistry.

Is chemistry science or technology?

Chemistry is a science but also a technology (chemical technology or chemical engineering).

What are the roles of chemistry in industry and technology?

the role of chemistry in industry are to make process foods that make in every materials that are related to chemistry and also it is use to make chemicals that can preserve foods and also to!

What is chemistrial technology?

chemistry using technology

How do chemistry related to your society?

how is chemistry related to society

Importance of chemistry in medical technology?

Chemistry is the building block/foundation of medical technology. The laboratory procedures and analysis should include higher knowledge in chemistry. To make it short, medical technology cannot function without chemistry.

How is chemistry related to chemistry?

how is a question supposed to be related to a question

How is math related to physics chemistry biology and engineering?

Practically all processes in natural sciences and technology can be modelled mathematically.

How chemistry related to engineering?

chemistry is related to engineering beacause of combustion.

How is chemistry related to environmental science?

Chemistry is the chemistry if youre a chemistry then good for you

What benefits do you get from technology in the field of chemistry?

through technology our chemistry task makes more easy interms of time and effort.

How is chemistry related to the science?

The study of chemistry is about matter, chemicals etc. Chemistry is a pure science. It is a science - it is not related to it.

How is chemistry related to computer science?

Computer Science is in no way related to chemistry.

What are the benefits of chemistry and technology?

with chemistry and technology we can gain lots of facilities. As where the technology is the practical form of the science so the chemistry helps the inventors how to use a chemical element in order to have a good and reliable invention to facilitate our life.

Define what Chemical Technology?

chemical technology is the study of technology that aids in doing chemistry.

What is difference between chemistry and technology?

Chemistry is a study of interactions of materials. Technology is study of applications of various techniques in producing goods.

What are the rules of chemistry in industry and technology?

what are the rules of chemistryin industry and technology

What is chemical technology?

As a field, chemical technology is the study of technology that aids in doing chemistry. To be more specific, you spend a lot of time learning about analytical instruments that aid in doing is technology that involves chemicals

How does chemistry related to science?

Chemistry is a part of science.

How are technology and science related?

how are science and technology related?

Where do you not find chemistry?

Chemistry is present in all the fields of science, technology and daily life.

Relate chemistry to technology and society?