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How is condensation used in a sentence?


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A cloud is formed by condensation, during the water cycle.

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you are stupid if you don't know what a sentence with condensation is

The evaporation and condensation of water produces clouds.

the scientific word for fog is condensation.

Example sentence - The mirror in the bathroom was covered with condensation after he took a shower.

The condensation on the glass made it slippery, and hard to hold.

Condensation occurred this morning. When the glass slipped from my hand I engaged in condemnation of the condensation.

Condensation forms on my bathroom window, when I take a shower.There was condensation on the glass of the window.

When we heat the cabin in the winter, condensation forms on the windows.The processes of evaporation and condensation.

Condensation of the gas forms the water droplets. Here condensation is defined as the cooling of gas.

Condensation means; the act of making more solid or dense.

The droplets of water on the outside of my cold glass of soda are due to condensation.

The glass of cold water has condensation forming on the outside of it.

Condensation was forming on the side of the ice cold glass of soda.

I'm going to wipe the condensation off of the window.

Condensation is used in air conditioners and refrigerators

During distillation, the condensation soon turned to evaporation.

The jet trails across the sky were caused by condensation. The condensation of the water on the outside of the glass left a ring on the table. The condensation fogged up his glasses when he walked into the house.

Condensation forms clouds, which consist of tiny droplets of water or ice. The condensation from the glass created a ring of water on the expensive table.

Condensation is the process of a gas turning into a liquid. A cloud is formed by condensation, during the water cycle. Condensation droplets often form on the outside of a glass of an iced beverage.

When i boil water and put plastic wrap on it i see little dew drops called condensation

In the water cycle, water molecules go through evaporation, condensation, precipitation, percolation, and runoff.

Condensation is the transformation of a gas in a liquid; the process is frequently used in chemistry.

The dew point is the temperature where condensation begins.

philips condensation reaction is used in the preparation of 5membered heterocyclic compounds.

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