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contemporary is vast and it grabs lots of ideas.

Simply, after CS u can have choice of multiple professions but traditional is limited to some basic jobs.

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Q: How is contemporary computer science different from tradional computer science?
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What is the difference between contemporary computer science and traditional computer science?

the contemporary computer science focused more on dealing with the scalable information. For example: how to retrieve the information(google,yahoo), how to mining the information(ERP, data mining techonogy). whereas, the traditional computer science pay more attention to the performance of the computer. For example, how to enlarge the memory capacity, how to make the computer smaller

how is different between information and computer science?


Contemporary psychology is best defined as the science of?

Contemporary psychology is best defined as the science of

What are the different examples in computer application in science?

Programming and design are examples in computer application in science.

What are the differences between computer engineering and computer science?

Manufacture of different parts of the computer and its assembly is computer engineering and application and operation of computer comes under computer science.

What are the different professions influenced by computer introdution?

Computer Science person

How does a computer relate to science?

A computer relate to science in different wayscomputers use electron to operated the electrons are science discoverycomputers use micro chips and processors thus a sciencecomputer have different cables and wires that connect devices together

What is the different between computer science and information science?

Computer science.Because the book will not tell you the sometimes correct anwers.

What are the different careers in computer science?

There are many different careers that a person can pursue in computer science. For instance, a person could become a web designer, a programmer, a database programmer, or a computer teacher.

What are the impediment of science and technology in your contemporary society?

Contemporary Society is very dependent on Science and Technology, so it is hardly an impediment

Is computer science better than IT?

Neither is better than the other. Computer science people and IT people simply do different jobs.

What did bob Taylor who was in charge of computer science ARPA need to do in order to reduce the cost of different computer science projects at universities across the country?

What did Bob Taylor, who was in charge of computer science at ARPA, need to do in order to reduce the cost of different computer science projects at universities across the country?

Who developed the algorithms in computer science?

Different algorithms were developed by different people.

where to get computer science degree?

The School of Computer Science at the University of Birmingham offers a range of MSc (Master of Science) degrees in Computer Science. Our MSc courses cover a variety of specializations and are suitable for students with diverse academic backgrounds (such as a BSc in Computer Science or a Bachelor's degree in a different subject).

What are the Uses of computer in computer science?

That's what "computer science" is all about.That's what "computer science" is all about.That's what "computer science" is all about.That's what "computer science" is all about.

What are the functions of computer science education?

to look for the different material

Which is better Computer science or information science?

computer science

What are different memory mapping scheme?

(Electronics & Computer Science / Computer Science) a technique whereby computer peripherals may be addressed as though they formed part of the main memory of the computer. (Khanu Piyar)

Where is the Contemporary Science Center in Rtp North Carolina located?

The address of the Contemporary Science Center is: Po Box 13453, Rtp, NC 27709

Why is Alan turing considered as the father of modern computer?

He isn't. Alan Turing is considered "the father of computer science", with is an entirely different thing. Computer science is to computers as astronomy is to telescopes.

What is an easy way to learn computer science?

Everyone has a different way of learning. For me, the easiest way to learn computer science is hands on. I am not good with books or studying.

Why did you study computer science?

Computer Science is a versatile degree. Those that have earned a degree in computer science should find success in many different computer and technology related careers. Select one or two reasons to focus on when answering this question at a job interview.

Is computer science technology and computer engineering the same?

Not exactly. Although they are very similar, computer science and computer engineering are slightly different. Computer science tends to focus on software and programming. Computer engineering focuses more on hardware, like computer chips and hard drives. There is a bit of overlap though in that computer engineers may do some programming and computer science specialists may occasionally deal with hardware.

Importance of science and technology in contemporary society?

The importance of science and technology in contemporary society is demonstrated in the daily lives of people. Science and technology is used for cooking, learning, working, and carrying out most tasks.

What are some career paths that pertain to technology?

There are different career paths in regards to technology. Courses offered in Universities includes Bachelor of Science in information and technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering , or Bachelor of Science in computer Science.