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Your Culture can be affected by having to adapt to new land that has none of your old accustoms.

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How has migration affected the latin American culture diversity?

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How did the bantu migration of the bantu people affect the culture of Africa?

Migration of bantu people affected the culture of Africa effected them in a variety of ways from the way the culture hunted cooked and ran their own little government.

How was American culture and American nationalism affected by westward migration into the Louisiana territory?

if affected the culture because they were so far out from the government that they kind of just did their own thing. They basically defined their own culture by doing their own thing.

How has migration affected Peru?

There are a great many ways in which migration has affected Peru. Migration has brought a lot of people and ideas for example.

How did the migration of the Bantu speakers affect culture in the areas of central and southern Africa?

The migration of the Bantu speakers affected culture in the areas of central and southern Africa in a huge way. Some of the activities like farming were introduced and the Bantu language and other cultural values also spread rapidly.

How has globalization influenced migration?

Globalization influenced migration because of the culture and economy.

Globalization affected trade and culture?

globalization affected trade and culture

What countries would be affected by migration?


How does culture affect migration?

Culture affects migration in a direct manner. There are some communities who will keep moving as it is part of their culture to move from one place to another and such groups are known as nomads.

Why did the anasazi culture decline and fall?


What culture are being affected by globalization?

Every culture is affected by globalization on some level.

How colonization affected Mayan culture?

Colonization affected mayan culture in a neggative way.

How has the globalization of culture and science affected the US?

how has the globalization of culture and science affected the united states

How did Mexican culture effect American culture?

It affected American culture greatly.

What are the impacts of migration?

the impacts are that we can be friends with them and get to know their culture better

How does migration affect people?

they lose their culture, friends, family

What are reasons for migration from Mexico to US?

-jobs -money -culture

What is virtual culture how do you think this phenomenon has affected you?

What is virtual culture

Something that affected America's westward migration was?

The California Gold Rush

How does history affect culture?

Culture is affected by history, for example when a country conquers another country it brings it's culture so the other country will be affected.

How does migration influence Cultural landscape?

Migration results in mixing of various kinds of religions and societies leading to changes in culture.

Which form of internal migration has affected most countries?

The form of internal migration that has affected most countries is people moving from rural areas to cities. Today, most of the world's population lives in a city.

How was Greek culture affected by the sea?

it was affected by the sea because they had to trade there

The movement of people from one culture or region to another is called?


What does globalisation involve?

globalisation involves trade, migration, communication and shared culture.