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drugs are not gateway drugs..drugs are the key life.

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Q: How is each drug gateway drug?
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Is methamphetamine a gateway drug?


Which drug also known as gateway drug?

marijuania marijuania

In what ways can marijuana become a gateway drug?

The theory that marijuana is a gateway drug is a myth. Propagated by the anti-drug community, which has little or no evidence to support it. There is actually some theories that suggest that alcohol and tobacco are the true gateway drugs. So in no way is marijuana a gateway drug. It ultimately comes down to the will of the person who decides to do drugs, not the drug itself.

What was Gwen's gateway drug?

Gwen who?

Is alcohol used as a gateway drug yes or no?

It is a myth that alcohol is a gateway drug causing people to progress to marijuana, cocaine, etc.

What is it called when you take one drug and then it leads to taking another drug?

a gateway drug

What is a drug called when it can lead you to using harder drugs?

A gateway drug.

What can a gateway drug lead to?

Stronger drugs.

Is opium a gateway drug?

no it is not because opium is bad for you and plus its a drug do you think that's good? NO.

Alcohol is used as a gateway drug?

It all depends on the person. A gateway drug is a drug that people start using and then begin to use other stronger drugs once the "high" of the initial drug isn't enough.

Alchol is a gateway drug true or false?

true. according to the NIH

Which is not a reason that marijuana is considered a gateway drug?

The gateway theory is a load if bullsh*t. Might as well call milk a gateway drink to beer, then wine, then vodka, then maybe marijuana after that.