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They are alike because they are both relieing on the sun

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How is uranus and earth alike?

Both have H2O

Does the planet Uranus look like the planet earth?

no Im pretty sure its NOT. atleast I dont think they look alike.

How are Uranus and Neptune alike and different?


Uranus compared to earth?

uranus is bigger than earth

When did earth and Uranus get married?

the earth never married uranus

Which planet has fewer satellites earth or Uranus?


What is one similarity Uranus has to Earth?

Earth and Uranus are both planets

Is Uranus closer to the sun then earth is?

no the earth is closer to the sun that Uranus

Does Uranus have stronger gravity than Earth?

Because the planet Uranus is much larger than Earth, Uranus has a stronger gravitational pull. The gravity on Uranus is 1.17 that of Earth.

How are Uranus and Neptune alike?

They both have blue atmospheres

How is Saturn and uranus alike?

they both have rings around them

Is Uranus bigger or smaller than earth?

Uranus is bigger than earth

How is Uranus simular to Earth?

The planet Uranus is about as different from Earth as two planets can be.

What color does Uranus look like from earth?

the color of uranus from earth is......purple.

What is Uranus volume compared to earth?

The volume of Uranus is 63 times that of the Earth.

Are Uranus and earth married?

Yes Earth and Uranus are married it's weird though.

By how much is Uranus bigger than earth?

Uranus is 4times bigger than Earth.

Is Uranus wamer or cooler than earth?

The planet Uranus is cooler than Earth.

How much larger is Uranus than the earth?

Uranus has 63 times the volume of the earth.

How many Earth days is in a year on Uranus?

18463 Earth days a year on Uranus

How far is Uranus from the Earth by miles?

At its closest point, Uranus is 1,607,000,000 miles from Earth.

Is Uranus warmer or colder than earth?

Uranus is a lot colder than Earth.

What is Uranus and diameter compared to earth?

The diameter of Uranus is approximately three times that of the Earth.

How many moons do Uranus and Earth have?

Uranus has 27 moons and Earth has 1 moon.

What planet is Uranus married to?

Uranus is married to Earth.

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