How is electricity like a magnet?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Q: How is electricity like a magnet?
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How are eltromagnets used in generators?

Any time a magnet passes through a coil of copper wire (the electro magnet) it produces electricity. In all reallity, you don't really have an electro magnet in a generator. Since the Coil or(field) is making the electricity instead of using electricity, the electro magnet isn't really a magnet; but more like an "anti-magnet" :)

What is the difference between magnets and electromagnet?

an electromagnet is a magnet which is activated by electricity and it ceases to be a magnet once the electric supply is stopped whereas a magnet is a natural magnet which does not need electricity and continues to be a magnet whether it is supplied by electricity or not.

Does a magnet just the word magnet conduct electricity?

no it does not.

Can a magnet be used to produce electricity?

A spinning magnet inside a coil of copper wire will produce electricity.

How is an electromagnet like a permanent magnet?

No an electromagNet is created via electricity, once the electricity stops so does the magnet it can be created using a current in a wire tightly wrapped around a iron or metal rod

What does the electro magnet prove about electricity?

An electro magnet proves that Electricity and Magnetism always co-exist in nature

Can connecting a specific amount of magnet to one of your electric wires reduce the electricity usage?

No. Your magnet will fight the electricity.

An extension magnet brush is a long-handled brush made of nylon fibers that are charged with static electricity and easily attract like a magnet?


How does a magnet produce electricity?

It is weird

What is a magnet called when electricity is applied to it?

what is a maganet called when electricity is applied to it

how does an electromagnetic crane works?

The electromagnetic crane has a huge electric magnet that is operated by an electrical current. When the electricity is switched on the magnet becomes magnetized for allowing metal objects to be picked up just like an ordinary magnet, but when electricity is turned off the metal object fall away.

What kind of magnet is electromagnet?

An electromagnet is a piece of iron(usually a cylinder or rectangle)wrapped around with copper wire that when electricity runs through it it works like a magnet. Also called artificial magnet.