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How is exercise good for the body?


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Well, exercise is good for alot of reasons. Exercise builds more muscles, reduces stress, adds years to your life, helps alot with LOSING weight, and much more.

It helps stimulate blood flow getting in up and running throughout the body. If you exercise it will keep you at a regualr weight level.


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Exercise is important because it sends blood supply to every nerve in the body and all the body parts function normal, at the same time removing toxins from our body when we exercise. which leads to good health. "Good Wealth is Good Health"

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Your body needs physical exercise to stay in shape. Your mind shouldn't stay inactive, and reading is a good thing to do, good exercise for the mind.

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A healthy, strong, and good body that makes you feel good.

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Good diet and good exercise are the requirements for getting a buff body (not that I have one).

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Womens gymnastics good exercise is a good and healthy way to workout. The best way to get a good exercise is gymnastics. It works out the whole body and tones the muscles.

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