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For gasoline fuel, the perfect air/fuel mixture is approximately 14.7 times the mass of air to fuel. Any mixture less than 14.7 to 1 is considered to be a rich mixture, any more than 14.7 to 1 is a lean mixture - given perfect (ideal) "test" fuel (gasoline consisting of solely n-heptane and iso-octane). Simply put, the fuel/air mixture explodes inside the cylinder, driving the piston down, thus turning the crankshaft, which drives the transmission, thus driving the drive wheels.

not true the perfect air fuel mixture is 16.9

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Q: How is fuel processed in the engine in order to make the car operate?
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How fuel is processed in the engine in order to make the car operate?

A piston moves up and down inside the combustion chamber. In a four stroke engine when the piston is moving down it is drawing air and fuel into the combustion chamber. on its way back up it compresses the fuel then when it hits top dead center the spark plug sparks and causes an explosion which pushes the piston down, repeating the cycle.

How does a dual fuel engine operate?

Why does small engine stall when accelerating?

Lack of fuel it needs to operate

Which fuels be used to operate the engine on the R-14C fuel servicing module?

Any diesel based fuel.

What do you do before starting an inboard gasoline engine?

Unscrew the fuel air valve on the fuel tank, connect the fuel pipe to the engine and prime the engine with fuel.

Can you convert electric fuel a mechanical fuel pump to a 1996 5.7 Liter motor?

No, there is no way to operate a mechanical pump on your engine.

Why must you operate the exhaust blower before starting a boat engine?

To remove fuel vapors

What is the Air fuel ratio in a diesel engine at tick over?

The diesel engine can operate at 12:1 to 24:1 at idle.

What does the fuel pump do?

The fuel pump basically does what the name implies. It picks up fuel in the tank and pumps it from the fuel tank through a fuel filter to the engine. The pump is set to operate at a certain pressure that is needed for the application.

Why must you operate the exhaust blower before starting a boats gasoline engine?

To remove fuel vapors

How engine eat up less fuel?

Engines can become more efficient by refining the processes that operate the engine, better fuel/air mixtures, better power transfer, alternate fuels

What type of engine is needed for a car to operate?

Most cars use an internal combustion engine or variance thereof to operate. An internal combustion engine works by using combustible fuel, such as fossil fuels, and combining this with a fuel oxidizer. The combination of the two creates high pressure and high temperatures to move different parts of the engine (pistons, turbine blades etc).

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