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  • Air Pollution
  • Forests

How is global warming affecting us?

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It is affecting us by:

  • Temperatures are getting warmer
  • Sea levels are rising
  • Icebergs are melting
  • Diseases are spreading
  • New diseases are being discovered.
  • Crop failure
  • The poor are starving.
  • Unpredictable weather patterns
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How is the GreenHouse Effect affecting us?

It results in Global Warming.

How is global warming affecting Canada's north tundra?

How is global warming affecting canada's north tundra?

How is global warming affecting the air?

Global warming is warming the air. It is also warming the land and the oceans.

Is Global warming affecting canadians?

It's called global warming for a reason...

How is global warming affecting icebergs?

Icebergs are melting because of global warming.

How is Global Warming affecting Inuit people?

warm weather is difficult for us people

What companies are affecting the us most with global warming?

Baracuda web filter... sue them

Is global warming affecting your planet?

My planet is your planet, and yes, it is affecting it.

What issues are affecting Antarctica?

Global Warming.

What is your trash affecting these days?

Global warming

What issue is affecting the earth?

Global Warming.

Is global warming warming the greatest danger to brown bears?

No, not at all. There is no evidence that the global warming is affecting brown bears.

Is global warming affecting the Siberian tiger?

Global Warming certainly does have an impact on the Siberian tiger. Global Warming has an impact on all living creatures on Earth.

How is the greenhouse effect and global warming affecting the planet?

It is affecting our planet by melting the polar ice caps which will eventually kill us all.

How is pollution affecting the ozone layer?

Pollution causes global warming. This global warming causes ozone depletion.

How global warming is affecting the planet?

the glaciers are melting!

Is global warming affecting a cheetahs habitat?


Are meerkats affected by global warming?

There is no evidence that global warming is affecting meerkats yet. However the warming is gradually affecting the food chains and habitats of many animals. If this happens, the animals have to migrate, adapt or die.

Why is global warming affecting your community?

because global warming makes the earth hotter and weather will be hot and get higher and higher

Why is the sea level rising and how is it affecting the world?

global warming!

Is global warming affecting people's amount of alcohal intake?

its not

How is global warming affecting narwhals?

it takes on narwhals in the environment.

What is the most imortant factor affecting climate?

global warming

How does infrared radiatio relate to global warming?

Infra-red picks up thermal imagery. It related to global warming as it contributes to the greenhouse effect. However, it also helps us to see where the global warming is affecting the climate and how much it is raising each year.

How is global warming affecting temperatures?

Global Warming is making temperatures rise, especially in the last 30 years since the late 1980s.