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How is greenstone made?

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Greenstone, also known as greenschist, is a non layered metamorphic rock derived from basalt, gabbro or similar rocks containing sodium-rich plagioclase feldspar, chlorite, epidote and quartz. Chlorite and epidote give the green color. New Zealand Jade or Greenstone ( Pounamu in Maori ) comes in four main types:

Kawakawa, Kahurangi and Inanga are Nephrite or Calcium Magnesium Silicate.

Tangiwai is Bowenite or Iron Magnesium Silicate.

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What is the maori name for greenstone?

Generally speaking, Greenstone = Pounamu But...... Finest Greenstone = Kairangi Pale Greenstone = Auhunga Semi-Transparetn Greenstone = Tongarewa Speckeld Greenstone = Kutukutu Streaked Greenstone = Tōtōeka Transparent Greenstone = Tangiwai Whitish Greenstone = Inanga

Is the greenstone precious to the Maori?

Greenstone ( Pounamu ) is greatly prized and revered by Maori. Objects made from it are deemed Taonga ( treasures ) and are considered to have Wairua ( spirit ).

Is a greenstone a plant? is a stone(hints greenstone)

What is greenstone used for?

Greenstone Pounamu is used as jewelery and to make tools and weapons.

What is maori jewelry made of?

maori jewelry is made from pounamu(greenstone)sometimes it can be made with some sort of fishing cord or it can be from flax.

Where do you find greenstone?

NZ greenstone(pounamu) is found on the West Coast of the South Island.

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The correct name is Pounamu.