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Geography studies phenomena in a given space while History studies the impact of that phenomena on humanity and how man's decisions or actions can affect the environment.
History is the study of the past, while geography is the study of the land and its features.

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Is history the same as geography?

no. history is a collection of writings on the events and accomplishments of human societies. which CAN effect geography, seeing as geography is the location of human nations.but where things are is a different topic than what happened there and who did it

How is the study of geography different from the study of history?

David: Geography is the study of Location, Place, region, Human-Enviroment Interaction, and Movement. History is a different story its the study of pass time of cultures.

How is history and geography alike?

history and geography are alike because history and geography look at where and how people live

Is geography both a science and social science?

No. Geography is a completely different topic and subject to science. Science is a whole different topic to geography. Geography is things about the world e.g. places, sort of like history but of the planet.

Can you do geography and history together for gcse?

Yes, as they are two different subjects.

What is the history of geography?

history and geography : cordillera administrative region

What is the importance of geography in studying history?

geography is importance 2 studying history

How is history related to geography and politics?

Well in history it can be linked to politics because peopple such as JFK he was president and look at the history behind that. also geography is a huge part in history because you need to know where things happened the same example again JFK got assassinated in Dallas, texas. therfore politics and geography are related to history. hope this helps. On the contrary, I think the question should be answered thus, of course geography is related to both history and politics, because where ever in the world you live and work, will have different politics and history. Both past and present acts by governments, religion or peoples create history....China has a different philosophy to USA and the USA has a different history etc to other countries. You cannot generalise, and certainly the sad death of JFK has nothing to do with geography, all to do with politics and is now history.

The relationship between Ukrainian history and geography?

The relationship between the Ukrainian geography throughout history has been a consistent border. The Ukraine has been ruled by several different governments, but the borders have remained the same.

How is history connected with geography?

History and Geography are connected by the change in human populations as they have moved around. These human populations also changed the physical geography of the places they live, so this is another connection to geography from History.

What do you mean by geography history and civics?

civic and geography

How are history geography and RE linked together?


How has geography influenced the course of history?

Without Geography, History and historians simply wouldn't know where they are...!!!

What has the author Robert Sullivan written?

Robert Sullivan has written: 'The year in pictures, 2002' -- subject(s): World history, Modern History, Pictorial works, History 'Geography generalized..' -- subject(s): Geography 'An introduction to geography..' -- subject(s): Ancient History, Geography, History, Ancient

How do you think the history of Africa and its kingdoms might have been different if Africa's geography had been different?

Can anyone help me answer the same question

How do you think the history of Africa and it's kingdoms might have been different if the geography had been different?

There wouldn't of been any trades.....

How is history related to geography?

Because history is the study of the past and geography is the study of earth's physical and cultural features. So geography is related to history because the history tells what happened in the past and geography tells where it happened and who was there.The geographic location of a civilization can clearly effect its history of accomplishments or non-accomplishments.

How can geography affect the history of a group of people?

Geography can affect the history of a group by distroying the artifacts

What has the author Colin McEvedy written?

Colin McEvedy has written: 'The New Penguin Atlas of Ancient History' -- subject- s -: Maps, Ancient Geography, Ancient History 'The Penguin atlas of modern history - to 1815 -' -- subject- s -: Maps, Modern History, Historical geography 'World History Factfinder' 'The Penguin Atlas of African History' -- subject- s -: Maps, Historical geography 'The Penguin atlas of ancient history' -- subject- s -: Maps, Ancient Geography, Ancient History 'The Penguin Atlas of Modern History' -- subject- s -: Maps, Modern History, Historical geography 'The new Penguin atlas of medieval history' -- subject- s -: Maps, History, Historical geography, Medieval Geography 'The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History - Hist Atlas -' 'Rise of the World's Cities' 'The Penguin atlas of medieval history' -- subject- s -: Medieval Geography, Maps, Atlases, Historical Atlases 'The Penguin atlas of medieval history' -- subject- s -: Medieval Geography, Maps

What are the five areas of geography?

History, Geography, Culture, Government and Economics.

What are the 5 fields of geography?

History, Geography, Culture, Economics, Government

How did geography affect Philippine history?

for me, geography greatly affects history in a sense that geography is not only focusing on the physical features of a land but also in human activities which according to my research belongs to human geography.

Why is geography interrelated to history?

Because the geography of the planet was different back in history making moments. Additionally, geography impacts trade, travel, and events surrounding wars. It is said that ancient Rome's location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea enabled its power to expand both east and west of Rome's location.

Which is a harder GCSE History or Geography?

Depends on the person entirely. If you're good at science, history will be harder and if you are good at English, geography will be harder. Better at science = Choose geography. Better at English = Choose history. That's what I would do. i study both history and geography. they are both so different. i prefer geography as there is to much 2 remember in history that's my personal opinion, it depends oon each person. Awesome Answers I study both GCSE History and Geography too and to be honest i find History way easier..... but i agree with what was said above. I think a subject is only easy to you if you enjoy that subject and you are prepared to work, because then you will be more interested and you would want to learn more finding it easier.

What is the difference between social studies and geography?

Social studies is the study of history and the people who made that history. Geography is the study of land, maps, and landforms. Understand that geography affects history, but it is also a separate study and science.